Hello all John here.

So a few interesting developments…

First off, yesterday I did agree to go to Milwaukee to help Tom out, pending on a few particulars. At the time it was certainly a bi-mutual agreement, to bridge the gap for both parties. With the current economy and state of the business he is reluctant to bring someone on full-time right now, but with the spring beer surge, we will need 24 hr coverage for at least the next month or so. For us, it would be enough income to get us through the looking period for Derek.

This leads us to the good news. I sort of jumped the gun in my haste to ensure we didn’t experience the long gap of last year, today Derek received a pending job offer resulting from his interview this AM. Though I am reluctant to say it since we haven’t exactly seen the paperwork yet, it looks like an exciting opportunity. Even better news is an interview for another firm. Solid signs that maybe things are picking up. Both potential opportunities are also in Milwaukee. In the end I would have went to Milwaukee either way, as I do have a lot of loyalty to Tom. A couple of my “Inner Circle” friends disagree with me, but in the end, and may be this is me being naive, I do believe that Tom would have my back if I ever called him in need, and I want to honor our agreement. I also believe that if there was more of that sort of thought, we wouldn’t have the mess we are in today, directed at both employees and employers. Somewhere along the line we all forgot the whole do unto others as you want done on to you, the one and only “Rule” I think any of us really need to follow for a successful society. But I digress…

That brings us to an interesting situation. We really were hoping to spend the summer here in STL. Not only for our many camping friends here, but also for the friends we have here in the park. Lynn & George, Van & Diane, our new neighbors John & Glenna, and many others. This park has really become our “home” over the last 5 years, and we are always welcomed back with open arms. So, we will depart with some mixed feelings. The interesting part with this move we will have come full-circle, back to Milwaukee, almost exactly 5 years later. We just talked about spending some time there this summer, as we both do have some attraction to the city, but never really considered going back for a “Long Term” situation, which this might turn into. The most troubling for me about leaving STL RV Park is that we are doing it going into the season, and leaving Lynn & George a bit under staffed, as the other work campers that she had lined up have bailed last minute on her. So, if anyone knows anyone who is looking for a cool work camp gig in STL for the summer, I am sure she would be open to talking to them. I feel bad, but I think they also understand the reason we do this is all about the flexibility.

No, We are not planning on getting out of the RV anytime soon, but, the idea of seeking a bit more stability might be appealing. Again, we will have to see how things work out, as there are lots and lots of unknowns right now.


State Fair Park

What we do know, is we will be headed back at the end of the month, to the place we started this adventure 5 years ago, almost, maybe.

Not entirely positive yet if we will be going back to State Fair Park or not. Yes, the place is nice, and we like it, but it is very expensive. They have raised their rent now to over $800.00 a month, and that is a little out of our league. The advantage is its proximity to everything in Milwaukee, and it is very clean and well kept. Derek doesn’t like the fact that it is still parking lot camping, so we are exploring a couple other options we found this week. They are both Mobile Home Parks, with RV sites. One in Cudahay, and the other in Oak Creek. Both about 1/2 the cost, but about twice as far from work for both of us. We will see how it all pans out, and of course I will post about it…


Our old site at SFP the first time around.


Our rig the day we went Full-Time.

For posterity, I had to post a picture of the old truck and camper the day we closed on the house sale and moved into SFP.

In other news, seems the WiFi system here is working fairly well. I got a nice note today from the owner of WiFi RV, the company who we worked with in setting it up. I do highly recommend them so far. John Borq is the CEO, and the person I worked more directly with, and he made the entire project very simple on this end. He also offered a part-time sales gig, if we see other properties in our future travels. Not that I would expect it to turn any major cash, but a little commission for leads going live would always be welcome to cover some fuel expense.

Of course, it’s my day to work, and I am still waiting on a late comer to make it to the park…. So I can sit here and stare out the window waiting for this guy to show up, and he probably won’t even come in. I really hate it when people make reservations and don’t show. I hate it worse when whoever took the reservation didn’t get a card number to charge them when they don’t show. Sigh.

Ok, that’s about all I have… Have a good night.


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