I had a little treat on the drive to work this morning – the construction on I-4W between exit 5 and exit 1 is done enough for traffic to stay on the main road – no detour. For the first time since I’ve been in Tampa I don’t need to take the little detour around the construction. I hope this will shorten my commute by at least 5 minutes….

I had a typical day at work -I finished up lots of little odds and ends that I’ve been working on.


Stash Tea Bag

While working I have stopped drinking coffee and now only drink tea. The coffee situation at work is dismal – the coffee machines are dirty, the coffee tastes yucky and more times then not, the person who takes the last cup does not make any more. I have found a brand of tea that I really like – Stash Tea. Stash Tea is available in the grocery store and is not much more expensive then lessor brands. My favorite it the Green Chai, Pomegranate Raspberry and Premium Green. I like how each bag is foil wrapped for freshness and they use all natural ingredients.

Here is a picture that John took of the gay swans here at the RV Park:


The Gay Swans - what a nice couple!

Last weekend I was sitting outside of the motor home and was amazed at how many people walk, peddle and drive by and stare and stare again and stare some more…. I’m not sure what they are looking for, but they sure do look. This has given me an idea – as a memento of my stay here at the RV park I’m going to sit outside with my camera and take pictures of all the people who stare at me and the RV. I’m sure it will not take long for my memory card to get filled up….

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