Hi All John here.

Still in Portland, Still Raining.  Well, most of the day was pretty nice, started raining again this afternoon.

Today, we went to Shari’s for our normal Saturday AM breakfast.  Our usual server saw us walking in from the parking lot and had our beverages ready on the table.  She is the cool one, who’s section we try to get in.  She said she recognized the vehicle…

Afterwords we headed to Bank of America.  Since we had to open accounts at Derek’s Bank, it doesn’t make sense to keep that one, especially since they are piling on fees left and right for simple account maintenance, now must have ridiculous high balances and must use your debt card as a signature debit, etc. etc.  Mostly for simplification, we decided to close those accounts, and moved the money to the other savings, etc.  So we got that all taken care of.

Since it started out being one of those rare rainless days we wanted to try out the new bikes… Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you, mine came in, and we picked it up Friday afternoon!  Speaking of that, I gotta plug our new favorite bike shop–  The Outer Rim at 10625 NE Halsey St. in Portland, OR.  (501) 278-3235.  www.outerrimbicycles.com Defiantly one of the coolest bike shops in the area, and I went to most of them around here.  Family owned.  Nadine and her son Brandon took great care of making sure we were happy.

Anyhow–  Got bike, wanted to ride them, so we went to Blue Lake Park to park, and be close to the Marine Road trail.  Well, we road about 40 minutes.  I got tired, it was cold and windy on the way back, my butt hurt and my legs were on fire…  Well, maybe longer tomorrow.  Derek and I need to work on some riding together techniques, as I want to ride with him, but if he follows me he tailgates me and I can’t stop wondering when he is going to run into me, and if he is ahead he turns it into this competition and well, I am just not ready for that crap yet.  I wasn’t in the best mood.  I am going to try to ride a little longer each day, and maybe we can get to a decent ride.  The bikes were good though, and it is nice to have a bike that is big enough for me for once.


John patching my inner tube - piece of plastic inside of tire made it go flat


John and his bike


Columbia river on left, bike trail on right


View of house boat community from trail

So we came home and I promptly fell asleep, then we decided to head back to the park while it was nice and play with the drone.  It was a good idea, since I have been a bit afraid to take it out since I crashed it and had to send it in for repairs.  Really It wasn’t my fault, the camera broke off, it shouldn’t have.  Anyhow, went to the park with the drone and the iPad, and flew out both batteries.  It was fun.  Though I like it better on the phone, the pad seemed a bit sluggish, so I will use the phone next time.  Derek played for a bit but had a close call and gave up.  There was some geese in the park, I really wanted the ‘Chase’ them some–  Derek wouldn’t let me.  If I had used the phone I could have recorded video from the camera, but the iPad won’t do that…

Anyhow, after we went and tried a pizza place.  I forget what it was called.  It was good, we were full.  Then off to Goodwill–  we managed to find 7 dollars worth of goodies there.  One of which was a rubbermaid tub, as my bike doesn’t have a rear fender, and can’t really install what we put on Derek’s, so I was thinking I could make something out of the thin plastic, and for $3.00 it would be a cheap alternative.   Derek wanted to go to Kohl’s as he had a $10 off coupon, and wanted buy new undies.  We also went to Freddie Meyers—  I needed a couple black zip ties, and we managed to walk out with little computers for the bikes, a bell, and seat cover for my ultra hard bike seat.

Anyhow, that is all I have.  Derek might add some pictures tomorrow.  Goodnight.


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