We both had another typical day here in Florida.

Here is a cute picture that John found on the internet:

The kittens sad eyes reminds me of John….

I had a bit of a scare this evening – I accidentally wrote over top of a program I have been working on for several weeks and I thought I lost it. I remembered that I made a backup of my hard drive onto 13 DVDs last weekend and was able to restore the lost file…. good thing because it would have taken me lots of time and aggravation to redo the programming. I need to make sure to backup everything on a regular basis. I have been thinking about subscribing to a service where I can have my computer backed up onto a server over the internet for around $20.00 a month. It would be well worth the money if my laptop was ever lost…. Perhaps it would be more cost effective to purchase an external hard drive and use it for backup purposes…

John’s Dad and Betsy will be coming to Florida to visit with us the last week of this month. It will be nice to spend time with them again.

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