Guess what?  Yep…. it’s raining….

The weather has been warmer the two days – highs in the upper 50’s, but still getting lot of rain.  On Sunday was not able to do much outside because of it being wet out.  We did buy some more accessories for our bikes.  Got a bell and “bike computer” at Fred Meyers.  The “computer” just tells distance, time and etc.  Really don’t want to mess with anything fancier – just wanted the basics – was only $11.  John put the awning out and installed one on each bike.  Have not been able to test it yet.

Work has been hectic this week.  Just when I believe I have one project done with, it keeps creeping back with small changes, bugs and other bizarreness.  Spent most of the morning doing paperwork for emergency move…. then researching why record count for one system does not match what was exported…  so much fun…  Was able to spend most of the afternoon working on my new project.. good thing because it needs to be completed sooner then later…

John picked me up this evening and said “do you mind if we go to Subway for supper”.  He must of thought I looked tired and not in mood to cook…  We normally cook at home Monday – Friday, and dine out on weekends.  So we deviated for our schedule…. glad we did….  Now I can relax and get ready to head downtown for weekly ice skating lessons.

Went ice skating Sunday and had a nice time.  John stayed home and studied – so I was able to skate for 90 minutes.  The ice was nice and smooth and the rink was not very busy.  I can now skate backwards well enough to say that I can…  now need to improve on technique…  Most of the people in the rink were able to barely skate, so had to giggle when the rink was reopened after Zamboni machine went over it adding layer of water – making rink slippery.  Got to watch lots of people fall into puddles of cold water…  I know… it’s evil of me to laugh but was really funny….

John continues to be very busy with this college classes.  He has a big mid-term exam later this week that he has been cramming for.  Has been getting some grades back and seems happy with them.  He’s decided that it would be helpful to have a larger computer screen.  Right now he has been using the 17″ laptop screen – which is fine, but he needs more…  Ended up purchasing a lightly used 23″ LCD Apple monitor from eBay – should be here by the end of the week.  He’s already been rearranging his desk and planning how his “computer infrastructure” needs to be setup upon the monitor’s arrival.  Told him he needs to put out a “More Apple Stuff Imminent” sign outside to channel his inner “Hyacinth Bouquet” 🙂 .

Not much else going on… time to start getting ready for ice skating…..

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