I’m in a pissy mood tonight – nothing went right today.


Bad 8-track

On the way to work, the 8-track player in the car ate one of my favorite 8-track – “ABBA Arrival”

I was going to fix it, but the tape is encased inside of the type of 8-track case that you can not open without cracking it. This tape is pretty easy to find, so I will see if I can find a replacement at Kates Track Shack or ebay..

My employer messed up last weeks paycheck and now I will not receive it until this coming Friday….


Our home 2001 - 2005 before we went full time.

On a little bit of lighter news – today is the anniversary of when we closed on our house in West Bend, WI in 2001. The next happiest day was the day we sold it and went full time….

I liked having the house, but I don’t really miss it very much anymore. Not having property taxes, high energy bills and a lawn to take care outweighs not having as much space….

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