Guess what?  The sun is actually out…. Yeah!!!

The day started out rainy and overcast, but kept getting gradually better…  then by 4:00pm it was nice and sunny… for a nice change.

My work day went by quickly – was busy but did not have any emergencies to deal with.  Was able to spend 1/2 the day working on my new project… hoping to have it ready for testing sometime next week….  This is one of those projects where I spend an hour figuring out how the old code works, then spend 15 minutes adjusting it to work like I need….  So much fun…

Ice skating lesson last night went well – we are now learning how to quickly twirl around to change direction.  So you skate forward, then take your right arm and extend it to the left while turning your upper body left, then quickly move your right arm and waist to the right so you turn around backwards…. It’s not my favorite thing to do because it feels like I’m going to loose control when I start turning… like a big wipeout…. but getting the hang of it… slowly…  After the lesson I stayed and skated for an hour…. John stayed home and studied… like a good student….  The instructor says the ice rink is not very busy on Thursday evenings – so I’m going to head back then and practice instead of dealing with the crowds over the weekend…..

Tonight after supper we took advantage of the nice weather and for bike ride around the park.  Below is an overhead picture of the RV park – you can see how I can go up and down and all around:

Portland Fairview RV Park on Google Maps

Went for a 30 minute ride and the bike computer said I went 5 miles – nothing spectacular but felt good after sitting all day.  There is not too much traffic in the park right now so is easy going.  Expect things to become congested here in the upcoming “amateur camping season”.  I need to practice my Sunday wave as I watch the weekend campers leave…  Before we went full time I was always jealous of the campers who got to stay at the campground while I had to leave by noon on Sunday…

We have a few fun things lined up in the next few months.  In three weeks we are going to the see the broadway show “Billy Elliot the Musical” at the Keller Auditorium.  The Keller Auditorium was built in 1917 so it should be a neat old theater to see the show in.

Then the first weekend in June there is the SeaPac Ham Convention in Seaside, OR.  The pictures on their website make it look like a pretty good show – so going to take a chance and check it out.  Besides the ham radio convention, Seaside is a nice tourist destination.  It is along the ocean and has a two mile long boardwalk.  They have a nice website that shows the cool things to do there.  We will probably go up on a Friday and then return on Sunday or Monday.  We are still working things out with my work schedule and John’s college work.  I still have not taken the test for my Extra Class license – so studying for it again in so I can take it while at SeaPac…  Looking forward to having it done and over with…

Not much else going on…  waiting for John to finish up watching his online lecture so I can watch RuPauls Drag Race online.  Then play some Warcraft…. I made it to level 60 last weekend… yeah!!  Now learning about all of the new capabilities my online dude has…  Then will study for the ham radio exam before falling asleep.. So ham radio, Warcraft and drag queens…. interesting mix 🙂

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