Greetings from Iowa..

The weather has been wet most of the week.  Been getting lots of scattered rain, but not any big storms.  We are a bit worried that the rain has washed away the grass seed.  The temps have been getting into the mid-60’s.  Still warm enough to keep the windows open in the apartment.

On Tuesday the grass seed suddenly sprouted.  Monday evening I was looking at bare dirt, but woke up Tuesday morning to the grass poking up.  Along with the grass been getting lots of dandelions.  Not much I can do about them except pull them up by hand.  When the grass gets established will do some “weed and seed” to help things out.  John says “I just want green..”  as in weeds are better then mud.


Grass and weeds are starting to come up


The saga of replacing the RV’s windshields continues.  The repair shop in Indianola was being rude and as uncooperative as possible.  They wanted John to bring the RV down to them for three days so they could do an estimate.  Then they wanted us to go back and pick it up right away.  Then bring it back to them sometime in May to do the actual work.  Not good!

John asked around and found a small repair shop 90 minutes North of us to do the work.  They have been very cooperative and have dealt with the exact same rust problem  many times before.  So, John drove the RV up to them on Monday and dropped it off.  We should hear something back from them next week.  Only hold up right now is dealing with the glass and insurance companies.  The windshields are still at the glass shop here in West Des Moines.  There is a glimmer of hope that we will have the bodywork and new glass installed before our trip to St. Louis in April.

John has been extremely busy with his school work.  The management and SQL database classes are taking up a significant amount of time.  Is also not helping that John does not enjoy working with the SQL databases – think it is too much like programming for him.  I keep telling him that knowing the basics of SQL is a good thing to know in the IT world, but don’t think he is buying it..

My “project from hell” continues.  Seems like I make a little progress and then run into a bunch of time consuming issues.  Tomorrow I’m going to finish it up enough so they can start testing it.  It may not be perfect, but then I can let testing drive development… Keep adjusting/adding programming until they stop complaining 😉

Today I took a break from the large project and working on a small programming task that was assigned to me.  Needed to add programming that exports data into a CSV text file.  Believe they are then taking the file and manually importing it into an Access database.  Management has dictated we need to complete at last two of the smaller programming tasks each month.  Normally this is not a problem, but I keep running into business owners who can’t quite get around to testing what I have completed.  No testing means I can’t move it into production or complete it…..  so around and around I go…

Went on an hour long bike ride this evening.  Went on some newly found trails into a wooded area on the outskirts of West Des Moines.  Was a great night for it because of no wind and rain.  Quite a few other bikers were out enjoying the trails.  I’m starting to recognize many of them.


Trail through the woods


Lots of trails - which one should I take?


Not much else going on… going to watch American Idol and play some computer games for a bit..

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