Happy Easter! We spent an uneventful three day weekend doing stuff around the RV, watching TV and etc. Today we had a nice Easter Brunch at our usual breakfast place – Crusoe’s – with Perry and Rich A. They had an unusual assortment of items on their buffet line – but I found a few things that I enjoyed. After brunch we went back to the RV park so John could watch the store while Lynn and George went to Lynn’s daughter’s house for Easter dinner. The weather today was not very “Easter Like” – we had several rounds of snow flurries with extra big, wet snow flakes they melted when they hit the ground.

I talked to my parents on the phone yesterday – they were a bit concerned with the flooding in the St. Louis area and wanted to make sure that we were high and dry. We are – most of the flooding is south of St. Louis along the Merrimac river. We drove down to the Mississippi river in front of the arch on Saturday to see how high the water was and to us it seems like normal high water that happens each spring with snow melting up north. The brick area where tourists park was totally submerged, but was around 18 inches below the level of the road.

Picture of high waters in front of the arch – taken with cell phone
The ramps to the tourist river boats were a bit under water.

The park was busier then usual with 6 different units arriving. John helped most of them get parked – he said that several of the RV’er were super crabby and crotchety… they complain about unlevel sites and the park not having a full propane service to fill their empty tanks…. not sure why they don’t get them filled while traveling – my guess is that it is easier to get it done at the RV parks…… Another complaint John hears often is that the park does not provide wooden blocks to help them level their units… again not sure why they don’t have their own set – having an unlevel site is not uncommon… It also seems like there is more little yappy dogs then normal in the park… oh well… I usually like seeing dogs in the park – adds some life to the place…..

We ran out of propane ourselves just as I was finishing up supper. After supper John did dishes and then went out and exchanged our empty tank for a full one. I hope that this will be the last tank we need to get us through the spring weather…. We mainly use it to heat the camper up when we get up on the morning. During the day the sun coming through the window along with the radiant heaters have been keeping us toasty warm – plus I think I have more of a tolerance for cooler temperatures after getting through the winter here..

My health is still not 100% – now I manly have a upset tummy and a cough that does not want to go away.. I think the best medicine for me would be some warm weather…. I will be fine to go to work in the morning and hopefully all next week….

Not much else going on…..

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