I am so sorry!  I simply can not believe we haven’t posted since the 7th, crazyness.  The sad part is I can tell our readership has drastically waned, as we haven’t had the normal “Why haven’t you posted” emails and comments.  🙁  I know, boring lives, now that we aren’t traipsing across the country…

Well, bring you all up to speed–  a few news worthy things going on…

First, Work:  Still employed, that’s good.  It has been interesting and very challenging, but at the same time ultra exhausting.  The most difficult part so far has been the scheduling/dispatch process of how we are assigned tickets.  There is a “good” and “bad” side of it.  We are basically left to manage our own schedules, which is a very good thing, because the dispatchers really do not have a good technical understanding of how long things will take.  The bad thing is the dispatchers have little understanding of how long things will take, and if you are not constantly on top of your schedule it is really easy to become overloaded (and very stressed) very quickly.  I still feel like I am way behind from a technical standpoint, but my colleges have been extremely helpful.  I hope this doesn’t end anytime soon, as I will be lost I am afraid.  This week was pretty long, and tiring, but they fly by fast, and for the most part I feel I have accomplished something.

Technical stuff:  As many of you know I have really become what Derek terms as the “Mac Whore” and have really bought into the who Apple Model.  Fine, call me a fan boy if you like, I just like tech that works, and frankly, even though Microsoft’s short comings are what is keeping me employed, Microsoft continues to fall on my list of likeable tech.  Yes, I will concede that the level or market proliferation and familiarity makes them the logical choice in most business, but that doesn’t mean they are superior, regardless of what the majority of my colleges think.  I do find it interesting how passionate people get over the Apple/Microsoft debate, particularly when the majority of the non-mac guys have no idea what OSX is about, or what it can and cannot do.  The cool part is I am “starting” to become the local Mac guy in our shop, mostly because no one else has any desire or will to mess with it.

With that said, I found a new toy last weekend!  A guy on craigslist had a MacPro 1,1 with a 23 inch Cinema HD display (the same as my current external display) listed.  I called him up and we came to a pretty amazing deal.  The bad– the 1,1 does not support Mountain Lion.  From what I can gather it has to do with the video card, and can be worked around, but that isn’t my goal with this.  I want to explore OX Server, and Snow Leopard Server will work fine for my endeavors right now.  So I found a NOS copy of Server 10.6.3, and it arrived yesterday.  The second display has become my second external monitor thanks to a USB adapter, and I will run/administer the Mac Pro “headless”, or remotely though the admin functions of server or “Screen Share” connectivity.


Mac Pro and 23 Cinema HD display


Twins! connected to MacBook Pro, one through Mini Displayport, other through a USB DVI adapter

Other big news is the Radio we got Derek at the Hamfest in Perry a few weeks back is repaired.  The Antenna Tuner arrived a little over a week ago, and attempted to transmit on ti found some major problems with the Radio.  the FT-757 GXII has some known issues with diodes going bad, but this was far more in depth.  I found a Yaesu repair dude in South Dakota.  His name was Tim Moes (WD0FKC) at Midwest Technical Services.  The link is here: http://www.midwest-technical.com/index.html.  Bright guy, super communicative, and did an awesome job.  Less than a week turnaround!  Got it back, and all is great, and transmitting now as it should, and is aligned correctly.  Someone was inside it in the past, most likely attempting to get it aligned, and royally messed things up.  He ended up replacing a few diodes, a torrid, a cap, and a crystal.  We will certainly use him again if the need arises.

One last note, Prop 8 Supreme Court Case starts Tuesday with Oral Arguments.  This case is pretty critical to our full equality as LGBT citizens of this country.  I ran across a blog today of someone who is camping out in hopes to get a seat in the gallery, and blogging about the experience.  Check it out here: http://www.blondemillennial.com.

With that, I wish you all a good weekend, and a good next week!

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