Greetings from a warm and sunny weekend in West Des Moines, IA…

The blog is back up after being down for a few hours today.  Updated some WordPress plug-ins that maxed out the memory allocated to PHP on the server.  Had the joy of setting up a custom PHP.ini file on my hosting account using SSH Bash.  Then had to change memory from 64 Megs to 128 Megs.  My hosting company had a series of help documents that took me through the process.  Is something I don’t do very often…

Having a typical weekend.  Started out the day with breakfast at Denny’s.  Had their “Moons over My Hammy” sandwich for the first time and it quite tasty after you get over the amount of butter they put on the bread.  Will ask them to go lite on the butter if I order it again…. I really miss the breakfast places we went to in Portland – Shari’s and Sweet Betty’s.  Still have not found anything comparable around us…

Went to the mall and got my hair cut at Cost Cutters.  The stylist did a nice job with the cut and gave a wonderful scalp massage while washing my hair.  Each time I go there I get assigned to a different stylist who gives me a card with her name on it after I pay.  Have six of these cards in my wallet – not exactly sure what to do with them… Not like I can call and make an appointment for a specific stylist – kinda defeats the purpose of going to a place like Cost Cutters….

Next stop was to JT’s Slap Shot Hockey Shop to get my ice skates sharpened.  A week ago had them sharpened at Play it Again Sports, but they did a crappy job.  The skates did not feel right while skating to the point of being dangerous and not usable.

Went skating directly after JT’s was done sharpening and they were like butter.  Blades gripped the ice and glided at the proper times.  Will definitely use JT’s in the future.  Now that I’m an ice skating diva, I demand quality 😉

After skating went to the Goodwill store by our house to browse.  A few weeks back they had a nice Kirby vacuum cleaner on sale with a large box of attachments. Wanted to see if they still had it.  They did not.  The vacuum cleaner we purchased at Walmart last September (last time I was at a Walmart) has stopped working properly.  Has only 1/10th the suction it had when it was new.  Spent time trying to figure out why and not having much luck.  John mentioned that instead of buying another cheap piece of crap that he would rather obtain a used Kirby in good condition.  They are heavy and clunky, but will last forever..  Will keep a watch on CraigsList to see if anyone local has one to sell.  Let us know if you have any experience with Kirby vacuum cleaners (good or bad).  My parents have one with enough attachments to spray your fruit trees and shampoo the carpet.

I’m off to do some more WordPress updates.  If the log is not loading or does not look right you will know why.  The CCS files usually revert back to their default settings.  I have to go back in and add the green/black look and feel back in.  Should have it all back to normal later this evening.


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