I made it though the day at work – I actually had a very productive work day – getting lots of programming done for a project that is not exactly my favorite. It will be a happy day when it is done, in Production and being used without issues…. My coworker, Rich, will be done at the international soy ingredients supplier this week – leaving me as the last Lotus Notes consultant. They say that there is plenty of work to keep me busy – and employed.

We are starting to make plans for our summer vacation. We both let our employers know that we would like the week after the fourth of July off… So far – no problems. Now we just need to make reservations and save some money up. Not working for a week means that I don’t get paid for a week…

My health is improving – but I still have a nasty cough. Several of my coworkers have similar coughs – so I assume the nasty virus is being spread at work – lucky me… I worked out after work – managed to get a 1/2 hour in on the tread mill. I thought that I might cough up a lung near the end of the workout – but I got through it. There are two other treadmills in the fitness center and I noticed that when the other two people using them were done, they did not wipe down their treadmills with the antibacterial cleaner – Yuck! Note to self – make sure I wipe down the machines before and after I use them….

Not much else going on…. I need to get back to studying Lotus Notes R8 for the certification exam – I did not get much studying done last week…. I want to get the exam done with so I can get on with other things….

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