Howdy… from a gorgeous day in Arlington, TX…. nice clear day – not a cloud in the sky… got into the lower 80’s….

Work is starting to feel a bit routine. I could probably make it to and from work without the aid of the GPS, but I like having it. It is nice knowing how long I have to drive before the next turn and etc… Yesterday I received my employee id badge. Found out that it was sent to me via inter-office mail and it was sitting on someones desk for the last three day… guess someone did not get the completed TPS Report:

The best part about having an id badge is that I can go to the bathroom without having to find a coworker who will let me borrow theirs….. Being able to get to my desk without having to knock on the door and hope a coworker will let me in is just a bonus ;). I have been rather busy the last few days – lots of little programming tasks that having been piling up before I arrived… Most of the changes take me longer to research and make sure I’m not breaking anything then they do to actually program…

Yesterday I went to lunch with a coworker to Feedstore BBQ in Southlake, TX. It started out being a feedstore, but it appears that most of the farm land around it has been converted into housing. It is now in the middle of a swanky neighborhood with lots of newer large stone homes around it. The Feedstore still has it’s rustic charm and the food was really good. I had a bbq pork sandwich with two side (potato salad / Mac n Cheese) for $5.96 and it was really good. The meat was nice and lean – not fatty. I will have to take John to it sometime….

John did not receive a reply from the repair shop that he emailed, so he printed out the email and mailed it off today. It will be interesting to see if he gets any reply from it….

Here’s a funny video someone emailed to us last week, but I keep forgetting to add it to the blog… it shows what it is like to go shopping in Texas:

Some coworkers were talking about a place called Elm Forks where they have an elaborate Trap Shooting range. I guess it is almost like a golf course, with lots of different shooting stations where you stand and shoot at the clay pigeon’s. I thought it might be something fun for John to go and do during the day, but he does not seem too excited about it….

Not much else going on. I’ve been working on getting a version of Doom to work on my PowerBook G4. It runs fine, but I’m having a difficult time getting my USB Game controller to work properly with it. It seems like support for game controllers is not something OS X does particurally well… I’m having to use a special driver where I map the different functions to various buttons on the controller… it is a bit aggravating to do… lots of trial and error…

My Powerbook G4 is now considered to be an obsolete computer by Apple. It means that Apple no longer sells new parts for it and there will not be any hardware support for it when OS X is next updated. For an obsolete computer, it still runs quite well…. I plan to keep using it for as long as possible. I assume that over time it will become less practical and become more of a retro system…

Not much else going on… going to keep working on getting Doom to play well, watch TV and read some…. I’ve started the next The Cat Who books – The Cat Who Wasn’t There

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