Greetings from St. Louis…

A week from today we will be heading North to Milwaukee… John going directly there and me taking a detour to Thomson, IL to see my parents for a few days. Will meet up with John at the trailer park in Cudahy, WI.


Almost in the 70's..

The weather was nice today – probably the nicest day all week:

Would like to spend some time this weekend washing the MoHo and getting all of the black streaks removed so it looks presentable going down the road. John wants to wait until he gets it to Wisconsin to scrub it down so he can remove any trace of salt on it from the roads up North. The MoHo must be tilted slightly to the drivers side becasuse the passenger side does not look that bad – but the driver side has some nasty streaks in several places probably caused by the urban pollution.

John is starting to make calls to prepare for our departure – turning off the DSL internet, having the UPS store hold our mail and I think that is about it… We can’t schedule DSL installation in Wisconsin yet because we are not 100% sure what site we will be in – John wants to check all of the available spots and make his choice in person. He wants one that will be easy to back in and out of…

My work day went by quickly – I’ve now entered the “Document Everything” mode – and spent most of the day documenting several systems. It is not my favorite task, but it will help out some of the end users after I’m gone… Several of the business owners of applications I’m working on have started to panic about future work they would like to have done… Will start cleaning out my desk on Friday. Tomorrow I want to take some pictures of my cube to add to my collection. I have pictures of my cube from almost all of the places I’ve worked in the past 5 years – will put together a slide show/blog entry showing all of them. The nicest cube award goes to my current employer. The best view from my cube award goes to the cube in New York City – looking out over Tribecca and seeing the empire state building.

The on boarding process for next job is plodding along. Should have formal paperwork tomorrow… I’ve been saying that for the last few days, but it is just taking some time – nothing to worry about.

My toe is still sore this evening. I’m pretty sure it is gout that is causing the pain – it just sucks. It was sore this morning, but the pain and swelling has gone down quite a bit this evening. Been taking the gout medicine I have left over from a year ago – I think it is doing the trick. No beer for Derek this weekend…. need to stick with water and tea….


Yummy Supper

Supper tonight was much smaller last evening – we each had a bowl of “Chicago Style Chili” made with beans and ground turkey. It was tasty and shows how some meals have smaller portions then other. Still don’t quite understand the portion thing – how to tell what is a proper portion of each food item…

Not much else going on. Working on some programming this evening and now watching American Idol result show. Started watching it after 30 minutes of the show were recorded – so we can fast forward through the commercials via the DVR.

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