Greetings from a moist Arlington, TX… Had rain and thunderstorms on and off all day… in the past hour the skies have cleared and the sun is out…

John is outside working on his new ham radio antenna – a larger one for 70 cm, 2, and 6 meters. So far he is getting mixed results with it. One part of the 2 meter band, we’re getting bleed over from some sort of radio or TV station. He’s making some adjustments to minimize the problem.

Traffic to and from work has been typical – around 45 minutes each way… mostly stop and go traffic with top speeds of around 20 mph… I saw the results of a nasty accident a few blocks from where I work – A FedEx truck hit the drivers side of a little white Ford Ranger. It looked like the driver of the Ranger was hurt pretty bad – laying on the ground while group of people were around. The ambulance and fire trucks had not arrived yet… yuck….

Work was good today – I spent most of it working on adding new reporting functionality to an existing application. Select the criteria for the report, hit a button and the desired report is generated in Excel via OBDC… I’ve done this several times before so it seems a bit routine putting it all together. Tomorrow I have two meetings and I’m scheduled for an eye exam during my lunch break at 11:30pm. My current glasses have been falling apart – the metal frame just snaps apart… John has been patiently soldering it back together to baby it along. This weekend I will pick out some new glasses at a Sears Optical. I like Sears because they are all over the country – so I can usually go back to one if I need adjustments and etc…

I checked the statistics for this blog today, and we are on track for having a record number of visitors this month. We are getting an average of 1239 visitors a day. We usually get around 700 to 800 visitors a day… so it appears that more people are checking in on us each day… Probably because of John’s sparkling personality…. 😉

Don’t have many plans for the weekend yet.. might check out the restored DC-10 at American Airliness museum, walk around the Trader’s Village flea market, return books to the library and etc…..

John just came back in and wants to use the computer and ham radio to see if his adjustments did any good…..

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