Hello all, John here.

Portland, still wet, but not all day.  Derek went for a little bike ride around the park after we went to dinner.  Some Chinese place in Troutdale, food was good, but the waitress had all the personality of a wet dishrag.

So my Monitor arrived today.  Fedex.  Still wonder what is going on with UPS, as FedEx makes it from Ohio in 4 days, and UPS takes 7 or 8 to get here form WI.  Anyhow, the monitor arrived safely, even though it was packaged like crap.  I should have took pictures, but when I saw the box I figured I best get it open and make sure it was all in one piece (well, I wanted to see it too…).  It was as advertised, and I am glad I found one!  It is the previous model, not the new LED one, but a 23″ “Apple Cinema HD Display” —  The one with the aluminum bezel.  It fits on the desk nicely, and has the same resolution as the laptop panel, but on a bigger screen.  It is not quite as sharp as the laptop, but the anti-glare, and larger size is well worth it.  The extra “screen real-estate” is very nice.  I am very glad I went with a used Apple one, as the specs on everything I looked at just don’t come close to the Apple specs, especially for the money, even with used LCD’s.  The size works well, but I am glad I didn’t go bigger, as I don’t think a “new” 24″ or 27″ would fit where I wanted it.  I can run it as a mirror of the laptop and put the laptop screen asleep, or if I need the space, use it as an extension of the desktop.  That will be nice with school, as I will be able to see multiple browser windows, the MyScribe eBook app, and my normal stuff all visible.


Apple 23" Monitor

So school is going pretty well.  I am 1/2 way through the first session of the semester.  This week I had a pretty busy week with one class having a Mid-Term Exam, and the other two having above normal work assigned.  So far I like the on-line classroom fairly well, though DeVry could do a couple things easier.  I do wish there was more opportunity to “network” with the students.  This last week I tried to organize a study group for the Pysc class, which had the Mid-Term which was worth about 1/5 of our final grade.  I had two volunteers, one 21 year old kid form Sheboygan, WI and a girl form Canada.  The girl from Canada couldn’t figure out how to lo into the chat room, and the kid from Sheboygan was not prepared for anything and it was a complete waste of time, aside from the brownie points for doing it…  I took the Exam Thursday AM, and I ‘Think’ I did well on it, but being it was over 1/2 essay’s I won’t know for sure until I get it back.  The computer auto-grades the objective questions, so I know that part I got correct.  I do like how the exam’s work, as you can take them at your leisure, but they shut off the clipboard, and give you a time limit.  I used almost all the time I had, and probably could have gone longer and elaborated more, but I have a tendency to get wordy anyhow, so probably for the best (bet you guys can’t tell that!).  Annoying part was that because they disable the clipboard, which I understand, it also disables the “Right Click to Correct Spelling” so I have to manually do that…  Other than that I don’t want to jinx myself, so I am not going to tell grades until they are official.

Tomorrow, if by some chance, it is not raining, we might go check out a bike trail, if not I think we will go into Portland, and see what sort of trouble we can get into.  The Saturday Market is open again, and Derek said something about an Art Museum, that will hold my attention for maybe 30 minutes…

OK,  am going to go to bed…

Goodnight– John

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