I just got back from the customer appreciation pig roast here at the RV park. The pork was yummy – very moist and full of flavor. They had a lady on the stage singing – the music really sucked and it was way too loud. I’m glad that I happened to have some ear plugs in my pocket – they came in handy.

John spent his two days off of work – working. On Friday he worked all day on cleaning the cottage for his Dad’s visit. Then on Saturday, he spent 8:00am to 1:30pm working on the trailer lights of an old Winnebago for another camper in the campground. John was a mess when he came home – he was a dirty boy!!


John's pimping my Subaru!

On Friday evening we had Darrin, who we meet in St. Louis, over for supper and drinks and etc… After supper we walked around the campground and checked out the cottage. John did a nice job of getting it cleaned up. On Saturday we went to Target and picked up some bedding, towels and etc. to make the cabin homier.
Here is a picture of John replacing one of the headlight bulbs on the Subaru:

I’m selling some stuff on ebay to help eliminate some of the clutter. You can check out what I have for sale at this link: Derek’s Ebay Stuff

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