Hello all John here again…

Today started out nice with sunshine here in STL, but about 5:00 the clouds rolled in and the rains came… The last hour it has been a hard down-pour. We expect another inch of rain Ugh. The good thing is the river’s have subsided a bit, but with the ground so saturated, I am sure it will cause some problems. Looks like it will be a very wet spring here.

Not much else going on… The park has thinned out some, but this week we expect a few more in. I think we are seeing the returning snowbirds now, since there really isn’t much going on in town.

A few of the regular posters on a forum (IRV2.com) I hang out on have been tring to get an HF net together. Well, the radio god’s didn’t smile upon us tonight, and with the thunderstorm, I didn’t hear much other than lighting crashes. 7:30 is a bit late for 20 meters anyhow, so maye we will try 40 tomorrow night… Hmm.

I put some stuff on eBay Monday, so I have been watching those closely. Derek wasn’t too impressed I listed my rollerblades, but being that I am not overly coordinated, and a wee bit top-heavy the idea of me with wheels on my feet isn’t the brightest one. Some days I have a hard enough time staying upright just walking… I tired them 3 times, all three with very limited success, and each time I saw visions of me in the emergency room with a broken leg. SO, off to ebay.

I did spend some time figuring out mileage and such for our big summer trip. Looks like the plan will be July 4th in Des Moines, IA, then up to Winnebago in Forest City, IA, then over to Hilbert to my Dad’s and Betsy’s wedding on the 12th of July. Oh, I don’t think I mentioned that here… My Dad is marrying Betsy. We both extend congratulations to them. So, our ‘big’ trip will only be about 1,400 miles and a bit over a week long, but will be good none the less. Now, hopefully fuel stays under $4.50 a gallon, otherwise we might have to 2nd Mortgage the camper to do it.

That’s the big excitement in rainy Saint Louis!

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