I just got home from work – another crappy commute….

Yesterday I received the GP2X open source game machine and spent the evening loading eumulators and games into it. It is pretty cool – so far I can play Commodore Vic-20 Games, Nintendo Entertainment System and Intellivision games. Very Cool!

John’s Dad and Betsy made it to Tampa with no problems and we had supper with them this evening. Tomorrow they are taking the Subaru over to the east coast of Florida to see Aunt Sharon and Uncle Dave. This weekend we are all taking the Key West Express to where else – Key West! The trip takes three hours each way – it should be a fun trip. We have never been to Key West so it will be interesting to spend 6 hours checking it out.

Key West Express

Tomorrow I will be driving John’s truck to work. This is the first time I have ever been allowed to do so…. Perhaps someday I will actually drive the Winnebago… baby steps…

I checked the number of visitors to this blog so far this month and it is up to 17, 413. I’m not sure where all the visits are coming from, but it is cool that people are checking us out!

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