It was an overcast dreary day out. I went to work in the rain, and when I went outside during my lunch hour the rain had stopped and it was in the mid-50’s.

I had a typical day at work – got lots of programming done and I’m starting to think about some new projects that I have been assigned to work on. I get to work on several medium sized projects once I get my current project done. Getting my least favorite project done fist is going to be a challenge because the specifications keep changing, and the business owners of it like to change their mind often. It is a bit difficult keeping the programming changes completed enough so they can continue testing. Yuck!!

After work I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve increased the level of the fat buring program that I do from level 4 to level 5. The workout has me ending up a big sweaty mess and huffing and puffing for air…. I’m sure it will get easier in time…

John made a yummy supper – it was an Asisn stir-fry with rice. John purchased “real rice” (not minute rice) and he did a good job of preparing it. He said that the real rice did not take much longer to make then the minute rice does…

I’ve been watching “Top Chef Chicago” and so far it has been a good season for it. I still think they should have called it “Bottom Chef Chicago” – since Chicago has more bottoms then tops. 😉 (poor attempt at a joke). I don’t recognize the area that the show is filmed in – looks like one of the Northern Suburbs? It is nice that they have a lesbian couple as two of the contestants. My favorite contestants are Stephanie and Mark. I also like Ryan – he is cute but comes across as being a bit dumb, so I don’t expect him to stick around long.

Once of my favorite podcasts, Fox and the City, is starting to have new episodes again. It is nice to hear Ragan’s take on pop culture and to hear about what is going on in his life. His impersonation of Courtney Love makes me giggle each time I hear it. It seems that since he has moved to LA, he has become such a West Coast, high maintenance, frivolous fag . It is fun to hear him describe what he is doing to himself. He talks about getting dermabrasion, tattoos, hanging out at Foo bar and etc. I think I need to become more high maintenance and partake in some spa treatments and do some heavy duty binge shopping for designer clothing. If I suck my tummy in I’m sure I can fit into some Prada. I also think it will make me feel better about myself 😉 (another poor attempt at a joke).

Not much else going on – I’m really looking forward to some warm weather, going camping and doing more stuff outside. Tomorrow John is going to order two “Big Wide Diamond Recliner” lawn chairs from camping world. I’ve wanted a pair of these for several years, but have been too cheap to pay $150+ for a single lawn chair. They are now on sale for $99.00 so I’m going for it. It still seems a bit excessive to spend $100.00 on a lawn chair – but I think it will be one of those purchases that you don’t care how much it cost after you get it. It will be nice to have a comfortable chair for outside the RV – I can picture myself lounging in it on a warm Sunday morning as I drink coffee and wave good bye to all the weekend campers – giving them my best “I’m really glad you are leaving” Sunday wave 😉 I consider this to be one of the perks of being a full-timer.

I need to get going – John’s 7:30pm RV meeting on the ham radio is starting in a few minutes and he is giving me the evil eye…….

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