Greetings from a cool, wet and rainy Oregon….

Just got done watching the local news on TV – they were talking about what a crappy spring the area has been having.  The weather has broken several rainfall and low temperature records.  One of my coworkers teased me today about picking the wrong winter and spring to be in Oregon….

Forgot to mention it but our “full timer” anniversary was last week.  We’ve now lived “on the road” for over 6 years.  Not sure how many more years we will stay on the road – current plan is to continue until John is done with college and then figure out what to do then.  Upon graduation John will want to restart his career with his new skills and training….  Doubt we will both be able to find jobs flexible enough to allow us the flexibility to continue so.  So probably at least two more years….

Seems like most of the full time RVers we are friends with have gone off the road in the past year.  The latest is Ron and Terry from the HitchItch web site.

Last evening I had another really good ice skating lesson – until the last two minutes of it.  We practiced doing various maneuvers while skating backwards and then practiced doing t-stops.  T-stops are where you glide on one blade then lower your other blade sideways behind the first blade and slowly lean backwards onto it so you stop.  This video shows the technique:

Got the hang of it after a few tries…  It’s amazing how important arm position is when skating – instructor keeps telling us how to hold our arms and corrects us often. Then all of a sudden I lost my balance and fell on my tailbone, and twisting my left wrist at the same time.  Felt like I was falling down in slow motion onto the cold ice. First time I’ve fell down in weeks. Got up and was generally fine, but my butt felt like someone kicked me – hard!  The lesson was done, so sat down for a few minutes.  Felt better in a bit and skated for 30 minutes more. Figured I should skate again right away so I don’t get afraid of falling….

This morning my wrist hurts and my rump is still sore when moving around….  nothing seems broken, just bruised.  Made it through the work day with no problems just sore.  Hope I feel well enough to go practice skating again in Thursday night…. I obviously need it 🙂

Not much else going on… still raining… still damp and crappy outside…  time to play Warcraft, watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and study for the ham radio exam.

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