I’m cold… It got down to the upper 30’s last night and John is too stingy with his propane to turn the heat up very high… I’m tempted to purchase a Snuggy…


Restored DC-3

Yesterday we went to the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum. The museum cost $4.00 a person, but it was worth it to see all of the vintage airline stuff and a restored DC-3 airplane. Here’s some pictures:


Inside DC-3. Not that different looking then a modern plane. The luggage compartments seem rather small..


DC-3 cockpit


Vintage Collins transceiver used in the DC-3


This is a Piano Bar that was installed in Super Liner jets in the early 1970's. I think they should bring the piano bars back on regular planes...


Mechanical Reservoir terminal. Used in the early 1950's to check and book airlines reservations. It was cool to see that airlines used computerized systems so far back...

After spending an hour at the museum we then drove over to a Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World about 8 miles up the road. It was really busy and looked like all of the other Outdoor world’s we’ve been to… we left after 45 minutes and didn’t find anything we could not live without…..

We then went to the Grapevine Mills mall. It has much the same look and feel as the St. Louis Mills and Gurney Mills malls we’ve been to in the past. We purchase some much needed clothing at Tommy Hilfiger, JC Penny Outlet and Burlington Coat Factory. We did not do much clothes shopping while we were in California because most of the stores were crowded with rude people. Our shopping experience at the mall was quite pleasant… it was not overly busy and the only line we had to stand in was a Burlingotn Coat Factory – and that is pretty much to be expected….

Last evening we decided to have supper at a Luby’s Cafeteria that is close to the campground. Luby’s is only located in Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma… so it was our first time at one. You basically go down the cafeteria line with a tray and choose what you want to eat. The ladies behind the counter then plate your selections for you and hand it to you… I had a spinach salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and chocolate pie for dessert. The food was actually warm and tasty. John did not care for the gravy they put on his potatoes, but no other complaints…. The food was not exactly cheap – it came to around $35.00 for the both of us… I would go back again….

After supper John asked me to take the empty black ink printer cartridge to Walgreen’s to have it refilled. I did – took them about 10 minutes to do it…. I then decided to rent some movies to watch. The Redbox movie machine had a line of people waiting to use it, so I decided to see if I could get a card to check out movies at a Hollywood Video that is close to the campground – they would have more selection of movies and copies in stock of just released videos. They would not let me get a card because I did not have a Texas drivers license. This seems like a crappy policy because I then drove to another Redbox machine at another Walgreen’s and was able to rent three movies (W., Pineapple Express and Bolt) with nothing more then an email address and credit card. I sent an email to corporate Hollywood Video letting them know what I thought of their policy and letting them know about Redbox… There is a reason that Hollywood Video declared bankruptcy last year…

We watched W. last evening. It had some moments, but I was bored with it… Watching movies by Oliver Stone leave you wondering where the line between reality and fiction is… This morning we watched Pineapple Express – It started out ok, but I got bored with it towards the end and started doing this blog entry…

Today I need to get laundry done for the week, return some books to the library and decide which clothes we need to give to Good Will because we purchase some new. The rule is that if you get new clothes you have to get rid of the same number of old clothes…. decisions, decisions… I will probably get rid of only John’s clothes and keep all of mine 😉

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