Greetings from another drab damp day in Portland…

Today was supposed to be our big break from the rain with a high of 65.. instead it was damp and overcast….. was not happy…

My work day was very busy… trying to get a project completed by tomorrow – so been hustling and cranking out the programming…. think I have it just about done…. which is good…. boss and end users are wanting to start testing it….

Was able to go for a 30 minute bike ride after supper. John installed new fenders on it and I like how they look – stainless with black stripe in the middle:


New Fenders on bike

John said they were a pain to install – he had to round up some additional hardware for them… Thank you, John!

Still sore from my ice skating accident, but feeling much better then I did last night.  Think I will be all set to go skating again on Thursday to practice.

Our friend Marcus sent us some new recipes to add to the online cookbook – just got done adding them:

Wendy’s Chili
Crockpot Beans
Multigrain Bread
Crockpot Spaghetti with Meatballs
Whole Wheat Bread

Will have to try them out – they came highly recommended.

Not much else going on… going to relax, watch American Idol, study for ham radio test and play Warcraft……  Also pester John…. 🙂

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