I got to drive my own car to and from work today – Yeah!! I like John’s truck, but it sucks driving it in stop-and-go traffic.

Tonight we went to Sunny’s BBQ with John (the 1st) and Betsy and we all ate too much. I had ribs and they were very meaty and tasty. My fingers are still a bit greasy – seems like I just can’t get the smell of ribs off of my fingers.. This evening we are going to sit around one of the pools here and relax. Once my food settles I will probably go swimming for a bit. I purchased “Diving Squids” at the Dollar Store and I want to play with them. You toss them in and let them sink to the bottom and then you dive down to retrieve them..

Diving Squids

I hope I get a good nights sleep tonight because tomorrow will be a long day. We will be taking the express boat down the Key West, spend the day there and then come back. I hope to take some cool pictures…

I need to go… time to go sit by the pool…

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