We did not do much today. We went to breakfast with Perry and Rich A. at Crusoe’s and then spent the rest of the day at home in the motor home. I spent three hours going through a Domino R8 tutorial in preparation for certification exam, napping and watching TV. For supper we had Walmart microwavable lasagna – it was just ok.

Yesterday (Saturday) we were a bit busier. We went to breakfast with Perry and Paul at Billy’s Fine Dining. Then John and I went to the Soulard Market to buy some vegetables. We purchased asparagus, broccoli, potatoes, ginger root, spring onions and mushrooms. It all came to $8.00 – which seems much cheaper then the grocery store. John was impressed at the variety and quality of the produce – we want to go here on a regular basis…

Then we went home and I did laundry and John vacuumed and cleaned inside the motor home. It was nice to get everything done within a few hours. John had a few auctions end on ebay – so he packaged everything up and has almost everything ready to be dropped off at the UPS store on Monday. All the auction winners paid John right away, except for the winner of an auction for an inexpensive item – John is a bit irritated with this because he would like to make a single trip to the UPS store….

On Saturday afternoon I went to the St. Louis Zoo to get some exercise by walking around and also to take some pictures of llamas for this blog. Once again the top search term that brings people to this blog is llama. We had over 400 people find us when searching for llamas. The next search term was 48 people searching on Biltmore Estate. I decided that I will take some pictures of llamas at the zoo to give the llama people something new. For the record – the Saint Louis Zoo does not have any llamas. I asked at the welcome desk and they said there were no llamas. I walked around checking for sure and they were correct. I checked out monkeys, lions, penguins, zebra’s and etc -but no llamas. So now I’m on a mission to find some llamas to take pictures of. I will also check Grant’s Farm and Purina Farms to see if they have any llamas. This article says that the Deer Park portion of Grant’s Farm has llams – so I might be in luck.

On Saturday night we meet many of the camping club members at Schlafly Bottleworks for drinks and supper. Schlafly is a small producer of beer that is served in many bars and restaurants in the St. Louis area. The Bottleworks restaurant is actually part of the plant where they produce and bottle their beer. Their food is interesting because they feature bison meat and local game and produce on their menu. John had Bison stroganoff and I had chicken enchiladas. John was not too impressed with his dish – he said the noodles were way overcooked and the onions overpowered the other flavors. My enchiladas were fine – nothing special. They were very busy and we had slow service… so we will probably not go back anytime too soon….

After supper, Paul invited everyone over to his home for drinks and dessert. Paul’s home is an old victorian mansion from the 1800’s. He has lots of cool old radios, victrola, juke boxes and etc along with victorian furniture. I always enjoy visiting and seeing everything. We stayed and chatted with everyone until around 11:00pm. I discovered that there is a farm outside St. Louis that rents llamas for birthday parties – so perhaps I can rent a llama for a few hours and take pictures of it next to the motor home. John thinks I’m nuts… It was a bit of a late night for us – we’re old. I remember going out to bars at 10:30pm and staying until close….

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