Greetings from a warm but overcast day in Oregon…

Temps got into the lower 60’s today but sun was not out much – contines to be cloudy and rain off and on.

Quick posting tonight… it’s getting late and I need by beauty rest….

This evening John got his AR Drone out and had it record some video of the RV park while he was flying it – here’s the video:

I had another very busy day at work – still working hard on getting a project completed yet this week…. This evening after supper I went on 30 minute ride through the park – which has become very routine. The bike is very comfortable to ride around and when the weather improves enough would like to go on longer rides on some local bike trails. After bike ride watched the American Idol result show – no big surprised as “Noxzema” (That’s what I call Naima) and Thia were voted out… The girls are getting voted out early this year… Then went downtown to the Lloyd center to practice ice skating for an hour. Rink was not crowded, the ice was smooth and was able to practice skating backwards without worrying about plowing down little kids…

Skating felt good – my left wrist still hurts a little bit but felt fine otherwise…. Next week is my last lesson of this semester – I plan to go for another seven week session…. It gives me something to do in the evenings/weekends and is good exercise…

Heading off to bed…. My eyes are really tired and burning…..

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