Happy Easter!

Spent the weekend at my parents farm in Illinois.  John was not feeling social – so he stayed home.  Rented a white Toyota Camry at Enterprise – was surprised it only cost me $49.00 + fuel for the weekend.  The drive there and back was uneventful.  I took I-80 across on Friday evening – traffic was not too bad.  Then on the way back today I took US Route 30 across to 64 south.  30 is 4 lane about 3/4th of the way with minimal traffic.

Was nice to see my parents.  They are just starting to get the gardens going for the year.  They have lots of plants started in the green house.  Mostly tomatoes, head lettuce, peppers and cabbage.  They start all of their own plants….  Mom spends lots to time transplanting the seedlings from the starter containers to the larger containers.  It looks like tedious work.

Their gardening is a few weeks behind schedule due to the cold weather.  Dad has started to get several of the “hoop houses” ready for plants.  They are nice and warm inside because you are out of the cool breeze.  Around 75 compared to 50 outside..


Looks about ready to plant


Another hoop house all set...

On Saturday evening Mom had me do Easter eggs.  It seemed like alot of preparation for just a dozen eggs, but was fun.  Do you like my artistry?  I like the solid colored eggs the best, but I usually do a few bi-colored ones for flair.


getting the dye pellets in the vinegar water



Some of the eggs... nice and bright

Today Deven and his family stopped out for Easter dinner.  Mom the the traditional meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, layer salad, exotic jello and buns.  It was delicious!  After eating Scout and Jet hunted for easter eggs outside around the farm.  Took them 15 minutes to find everything – including two baskets.  Jet had a nice Nerf N-Sport Weather Blitz football in his that we threw around.  I throw like a girl but Jet did a good job of catching it… Now I want to get one to take along camping this summer.  I left on my way back by 3:30pm.


Mom and Dad checking out Deven and Melinda's new Dodge... Spiffy!

Made it back to Des Moines by 7:30pm and filled up rental car.  John picked me up at the car rental place then we drove around looking for a place that was open for a quick supper.  He was more hungry then I… John seemed happy to have me back home… think he was lonely…

After the King of Burgers we went grocery shopping at Hy-Vee.  I usually get groceries on Sunday and wanted to keep us on schedule.  John was embarrassed when I handed the check out boys my stash of reusable bags to use.  Seems like it takes them twice as long to bag the groceries in the cloth bags and one was a little “spatially challenged”.  He kept trying to put odd sized things together in the same bag and it just was not working…  The worst part is that they forgot to give me the “bag discount” – Hy-Vee gives you 5 cents for each bag you bring.  I usually have 10….  Have them just about paid for…. 😉

Not much else going on – it’s 10:00pm and my eyes are tied – so heading to bed…

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