Greetings from a nice winter evening in Des Moines, IA…

Tonight I went downtown for the “End of the Season” ice skating party.  Was fun to skate one last time with the “ice skating buddies” I took lessons with.  They have the adults participate and do some silly dances and games with the kids.  Did the chicken dance, hokey pokey, limbo and YMCA.  Had great weather for it – was right at freezing with no wind.  The was a bit soft when I arrived at 6:30pm, but it kept improving and was decent by the time I left at 8:00pm.  Was a bit sad to say goodbye to my skating friends for another  year.  The skating plaza will remain open until the weather gets too warm.


Lots of people at the party



My instructor, Jennifer, helping a little skater..

Lessons at the indoor skating rink in Urbandale, IA were cancelled on Sunday because of a mechanical failure caused the ice to melt.  They plan to reschedule… Was looking forward to my first “Adult Level 3” skating lesson, but will have to wait until next Sunday.

Tonight we are expecting a few inches of snow.  No big deal but we already have about a foot on the ground now.  We have had a few good melting days the past few days that has reduced the snow down from around a foot and a half.  I will probably need to go out and shovel in the morning.  I’m sick of snow… sigh…..


Putting the garbage cans out in the snow sucks....

Having the ham radio at my desk is nice during the day.  Is a bit lonely working at home by myself, so can listening to other hams chatting away from around the country.  Is an interesting “slice of life” hearing what they all talk about – radios, trucks, dogs, weather, old age, guns, pets and on and on  Without the antenna turner it seems like I can receive 40 meters the best.  I don’t dare attempt to transmit without the tuner in place.  Looking forward to participating in a few casual ham radio nets.

Last weekend purchased a wood folding table and matching chair from Target.  Set it up in between the kitchen and living room under the antique radio display.  Want to use it as a “special project” table. My first project was to put together a puzzle I received from my Mom for Christmas.  Had it together by Sunday evening – was 500 pieces but went quickly:


Project table in place


Puzzle All Done

Not much else going on… going to watch TV for a bit and head to bed at 10:00pm.  My legs are a bit sore from skating for 90 minutes tonight…. John needs to give me a nice massage….  as if…

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