Hi All, John here again.

It’s been a long week so far!  I still have 19 support tickets open.  I felt bad for a while, but one of my colleges has well over 30…  Ugh.  The good news is I learn something new every day.  Today it was mostly about RWW, or Remote Web Workplace one a small business server.  As much as I bitch about Microsoft and how difficult I think they try to make things, I gotta admit that the end user environment is pretty good, and RWW is an awesome solution if you have the right installations and fairly modern equipment.

I may regret saying this tomorrow, but I am pretty excited for what I have on my plate for tomorrow.  I am off site a majority of the day, which I do enjoy getting out of the office.  I also have three Mac Tickets.  One I have to swing a user account, which could prove interesting, a second one where I have to install a printer driver for a large format HP, and a third to fix a wifi connection on a MacBook Air.  Hopefully all goes well…

Derek finished his kitty puzzle, and today setup the old Mac IIsi on the table.  He’s playing solitaire now…


That’s all I have…  Have a good evening!



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