Greetings from another spring-like day in Iowa.

Temps got into the lower 50’s today with sunny skies and some light wind gusts.

The Tuff Shed guys arrived around 8:30am with the parts of our shed on their flat bed truck. John went out and explained them them where it needed to go. They then spent the next four hours assembling it. We both watched them through the office windows while working and doing school work. Here is a time lapse video showing it going up in three seconds:

We have no complaints so far about the finished shed. It appears to be well designed and sturdy. Ended up looking larger then I had imagined. Like the color John selected – maybe we can go with the same when we paint the apartment building. This evening John spent an hour taking items we had squirreled away in our laundry room and downstairs closet out to the shed. It still looks pretty empty – guess we will need to go shopping 😉

So one project down, many more to go…


All done



Bad picture of inside... see my shadow :)


John found a vendor to replace the two front windshields (left and right side) on our Winnebago. He called around to the local glass dealers and found only one who worked on RV’s. He then checked with Gino at RV Glass Solutions. They are able to do window replacements nationwide by using local installers. They ended up being $400.00 cheaper then what the local glass dealer could do. Ends up RV Glass Solutions is having the local guy do the installation. So we end up saving some cash by going with the nationwide provider, but still give some business to the local guys. The windshield repair is still going to run us around $2,000.00. Hope we don’t need to replace them anytime soon…

John was chatting with Gino and he explained how most windshields for RV’s are now manufactured in the country of Turkey. The US providers are no longer interested in making them. Guess that is part of the reason why it is costing us so much for the replacements. The installation should take place in a few weeks – once it arrives in a US port…

Not much else going on. Need to work on some programming for work yet tonight – still trying to get large project done on time…

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