Greetings from a beautiful Spring day in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Temps got into the upper 60’s today with lots of sunshine.  The lawn is starting to turn green – much nicer to look at then the matted down brown stuff.  Went on my first bike ride of the year.  Went around Raccoon Lake twice – was good to see my bike is in decent shape – only needed to pump up the tires and oil the chain a bit.  While at the park was able to see the new archery range they built – guess it is for little girls who watched The Hunger Games movies one too many times.  Actually, John has a compound bow – he should check it sometime.  I remember doing archery in High School – mainly remember pulling the sharp quils out of the side of my hand because I had the arrow oriented wrong on the string..

IMG_6345.jpg IMG_6348.jpg

We have decided to stop paying for satellite TV.  John decided the bill was too high once our “special promotion” period was done and they were unwilling to make us any deals.  Our last day with satellite TV will be April 19th – the end of our billing cycle.  I purchased a Winegard FlatWave Amplified Razor thin HGTV Indoor Antenna and with it we get 18 local channels.  We will supplement this with Netflix, Hulu-Plus and Apple TV via the internet.

We both liked having a DVR with the satellite service because we rarely watch live TV anymore.  Just set up season pass once and it remembers to record our shows each week.  It was really nice being able to fast forward through the commercials – especially while watching American Idol.

We decided to purchase a Tivo Roamio DVR that will enable us to record over the air programming.  Went through and have our favorite shows all set to record on the Tivo – at least the ones we can get over the air.  The Tivo’s guide is integrated with Netflix and Hulu Plus.  So if I search for a TV show, “Bones” for example, it will show me when it is available over the air, plus if it is on Hulu-Plus or Netflix.  It is nice to be able to switch between live programming, Netflix and Hulu-Plus with a single remote.  Will be interesting to see how well we adapt to not having satellite TV.  I’m going to miss HGTV, Bravo and Lifetime the most… oh well.. I can now watch lots of public TV.

Purchased a park style grill to setup in the back yard for us and the tenants to use.  This weekend I need to get the base installed by digging hole and putting concrete around the main post.  Would like to get this done before the spring rainy season starts in.  Will also purchase a nice 8 foot picnic table so we have some usable outdoor space. Want a place I sit outside with computer or book now and then.

The Skate Des Moines Spring Classic competition is this Sunday.  I’m part of an adult “Spinning Team” and also doing a solo Adult 3 routine.  The spinning team has each team member demonstrating a different type of spin on the ice.  I’m doing the easiest one – a two foot spin.  I can do them pretty well, but now and then I go out of balance.  Spinning quickly in a circle really bothered me when I was first learning – would get really dizzy.  Not so much now…

Did a final “dress rehearsal” for my solo routine on Tuesday night.  Wanted to make sure I could skate in my dress slacks since I normally have jeans on when skating.  Went through routine several times and changed the ending up a bit so I can spend more time on my final spin and finish with some exotic hand movements 😉 Will have the routine recorded and post it to blog…  Should be a fun day – plan to hang out with my skating buddies and go out drinking after it is all done 🙂

Not much else going on…  Here’s Prince trying to look out window when Ethan is sleeping on his perch:

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