Greetings from another wet day in Portland…

It started to rain Sunday afternoon and had kept up until late this afternoon. Left the RV park in the rain and by the time I made it to the Lloyd Center for ice skating lessons it was clear and sunny. The weather continues to be unpredictable and just crazy….

Tonight was the first lesson of the new semester. I’m taking the combined “Adult 2 and 3” class again with a different instructor. There is only one other person in my class – so get lots of individual attention. Like going over the same material with different instructors because they all have different techniques and suggestions. Was not my best lesson – my feet started to hurt 15 minutes into it… but worked through it. After the lesson I skated for an additional hour… by the time I was done my feet felt fine… think I did not warm up enough before class…

On Sunday (yesterday) we planned our day around seeing Billy Elliot the Musical.

We headed down to the Lloyd center in the early afternoon where I skated for an hour. Then changed into a nice dress shirt, left the Jeep parked and hopped on the TriMet light rail train. We decided to stay on the train past downtown and see the scenery on the west side of town. We took it for 30 minutes out to Beaverton, OR. It went past the zoo and through several long tunnels. Was kinda neat. We then boarded another train heading back to downtown.

Then went to the Rock Bottom Brewery for supper. We had different types of fish tacos – I had cajun mahi mahi and John had lobster and shrimp – they were both yummy! We then had an hour to spare – so we walked around the Pioneer Place Mall. Stopped by our favorite stores there – Apple Store and Paradise Pen Company. John loves to drool over the expensive fountain pens and the people who work there are friendly and like chatting while we browse.

We then walked over to the Keller Center for the show. Actually we ended up walking about 10 blocks out of the way because I followed instructions from iPhone App that took us to the wrong theater. After some drama and a pissed off Johnny – we made it with 30 minutes to spare.

We had good seats about 25 rows from the stage – a little left of center. There was not too much leg room – so was a challenge for John to be comfortable. It did help that we did not have anyone sitting on either side of us… something that rarely occurs.

The show was great! They have three different kids who rotate playing Billy. This performance we had the dark haired “Billy” played by Giuseppe Bausilio.

Giuseppe is the "Billy" in the middle

Giuseppe was very good – it was amazing to see a 13 year old kid perform such controlled and accomplished ballet moves.  The rest of the cast was equally as good.  My favorite was Mrs. Wilkinson the ballet teacher played by Faith Prince.  She was the brash and tacky ballet teacher with a big heart…

Faith Prince as Mrs. Wilkinson the ballet teacher.. - love the pink leg warmers :)

After the show we then walked 8 blocks in the rain to a stop for the TriMax and made it back to the Jeep in 20 minutes.  Wish there was a train station closer to the RV park – would use it more often….  Made it home by 10:15pm.

Now back tracking to Saturday.  It finally stopped raining and was a decent day out – so we decided to wash the MoHo.  After breakfast we headed over to Camping World to get supplies.  John likes to use the Gel Gloss RV Wash and Wax product.  Does a good job to removing black streaks and leaving the fiberglass shiny.  We also got some black streak remover and spray bottle of tire white.


Cleaning supplies all set to go..

Took us two hours to get the job done.  I started out bleaching and cleaning the window covers – they had lots of black streaks on them:


Window shades all beached and soaped up - letting it sit before rinsing off.

John scrubbed down the roof:


A clean roof makes your RV happy 🙂

Then John scrubbed down the sides while I sprayed the soap off behind him:


Scrubbing down the front windows.

We were both happy to have this job done.  We will probably hire someone to wax it once the rainy season stops.


Pretty tulips at our site

Glad to be back at work today – gave me a chance to rest a bit 🙂 It’s getting late – so going to head to bed.  I see the cat is already sacked out on my pillow….

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