Greetings from a gorgeous day in West Des Moines, IA…

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the new grass is growing and it’s already 83 out at 10:30am. John just went around and opened all of the windows and turned on the ceiling fans in the office and bedroom. Getting a nice cross breeze.

We are heading to Ames, IA for lunch at Troy and Don’s place. I’m making several batches of brownies to bring along. Made a batch last night, but ended up dumping half a box of brownie mix on the carpeting. It gave John a chance to see how well the new-to-us vacuum cleaner worked..

John did end up purchasing the used Kirby. It is the Kirby G7d Ultimate G Diamond Edition.


da Kirby...

Came with lots of attachments, but not the ones for shampooing the carpet. It is self propelled, the top part of the handle has a little give to it – push up and it goes forward, push back and it goes backwards. I like how it is engineered to be taken apart and repaired. It does a great job in the hallway with the new mats in front of the doors. Downside is that it is made of metal and is heavy. Other downside is what I call the “Soloflex syndrome”. Solflex is a home gym system that can do a hundred different exercises with – once you know how to tediously reconfigure it. The vacuum is the same way – you can do lots of different things with it once you learn how to move this, slide this over, connect this and etc. I have purchased a few more accessories for it – a new extension hose and a handle you use when doing stairs. The long handle is removed and a short handle goes in it’s place. John would not let me order the palm sander, back massage, pet grooming or pasta making attachments.. You can never have enough accessories.

Oops… The first batch of brownies are ready to come out of the oven….

I’m back… they look good… just a little crispy on the edges, but not burnt…

We received the latest issue of the QST ham radio magazine in the mail this week. Since we both have our Extra ham licenses, the magazine includes two additional pages just for Extras. It is mostly Extra-only contests and special offers. Makes me wonder how they logistically add the extra pages to the magazine. They must have two runs – one for Extras, and one for the lower licenses. I really need to start doing more with ham radio. Would like to get my own transceiver so I don’t have to use John’s setup.  Something simple that would do the 20 through 40 meter bands.

John checked with the repair shop on Friday and the windshield glass was delivered to them. So they are all set to start work on it. So we just wait and see if it will be done in time for our St Louis trip later this month… I really think they will have it done by the end of this week. Once they start they need to finish it in short order because they don’t have too much room to store it inside. Can’t leave it outside with no windshields….

Not much else going on… the apartment smells like brownies… John insists on having one for “quality control”. I need to get the next batch mixed up before we leave at noon.

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