Greetings from an overcast evening in West Des Moines, IA…

The temps have been cooler this week with highs in the lower 60’s and lows in the mid-30’s.  Took a break from riding my bike this evening because it looked like it was going to rain.  Ended up getting a short 10 minute shower.

Spent the evening vacuuming the hallways of the apartment building and cleaning the windows in the doors.  Then decided to run some errands around town.  Needed to deposit some checks, buy some vitamins and get some replacement parts for a drippy faucet.

Our bathroom faucet has been dripping for the last two weeks.  To stop the noise of the water dripping, John puts a wash cloth in the sink.  That works ok until the cloth gets soaked.  It is a Delta faucet, so thought I could just get some replacement parts for it.  Good theory, until John found it was beyond repair when he took it apart.  He also found that the shut off valves under the sink do not work – so ended up turning off the water to our apartment.

So ran my errands – purchased a new faucet at Lowe’s ($29.95), deposited checks at the bank’s ATM and stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe.  Was home in less than a hour.  John had the old faucet removed and proceeded to install the new one.  I’m not allowed to do any home improvement tasks.  John acts like there is something magical about it and I don’t have the spell book…..

Everything is back together.  John did not have much fun working on his back under the sink, but I’m glad it is done.  Our water bill that thank him 🙂

John did not move past the first group interview with the Apple store.  On the Wednesday following the interview he received an email from them thanking him for his time, but they were not interested.  Oh well – it was a good experience for him and good practice for future interviews,

Have some good news about the motor home.  The repair shop has the body work finished and the new windshields in place.  John will be going up to pay for it and pick it up on Friday (tomorrow). So far, the repair bill is coming in a little less then we had anticipated.  He is also having them change the oil and fuel filters on it.  We should be all set for our trip to St. Louis, MO next week – as planned.  All of this would not have happened if John had not stayed on top of it all and kept making lots of phone calls to all parties involved.  Yeah, John!

On Saturday John will be taking his final exam for the SQL Database class.  He is going to be very happy to have this semester done and over with.  Hope he likes the next semester better…

I have lots to do to prepare for the trip… laundry, grocery shopping, getting apartment squared way and etc.  Looking forward to seeing our St. Louis friends and spending time in the RV again.

John is a bit unhappy with me because I purchased something naughty on eBay.  Wanted to obtain an old Commodore computer to play with.  Ended up going with  a vintage Commodore Plus/4 computer.  John is so not impressed and keeps asking me “what are you going to do with that piece of junk”….  Oh well….

Need to get going…  John’s conference call is starting and he is kicking me out of the office…


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