Greetings from Milwaukee….

My second week of work here is going along fine…. The project I’m working on is starting to come together, but still have lots to do before the first phase is completed and ready to be tested – probably in a few weeks… The traffic on the way to work is not very busy and I don’t need to change any lanes, but on the way home I have to merge over two lanes twice – on 41 and then on 94… Not much fun in stop and go rush hour traffic… Once of these day’s I will end up in Oconomowoc, WI instead of the RV park….

The Gout inflammation is going away – able to walk without pain or limping. Now my toe itches where the inflammation was – probably because the tissue is going back in place. I wanted to go out for a walk when I got home this evening, but it looked like it could start raining, so I didn’t… now I see that it has cleared off – so I probably should have gone for it. I miss not having the use of a fitness center at work… So want to get in the routine of walking at night… Would also like to get a bicycle that I could take on some of the local bike paths – but going to hold off until I know if I’m being extended past the next few months here…. My dad has an old bike that he said I could borrow. It has not been used for 20 years, but might be a fun project to fix it up and ride it… then can return it this fall before it snows…….

Yesterday after work I picked up our semi-weekly allotment of Seattle Sutton food from the local distributor. They are located 1.5 miles away from the RV park – so an easy drive… We are still wavering back and forth about how long to stay on Seattle Sutton because of how much it costs. What makes it worth it right now is that we are both working and John’s crazy schedule. It is nice that he can take nutritious food with him to work instead of eating junk food when he is able to find someone to bring him something… We could probably do a decent diet plan at the Outpost Foods grocery cooperative, but big drawback is that each day they make just a few types of full meals that you can grab and go.. so we would be running to grocery store almost daily…. So going to stay with Seattle Sutton for a few more weeks, see if John’s schedule moderates any and make a decision. Believe that I’m getting into the groove of portion control and eating nutritious whole foods – something I believe I can continue after we stop doing the program….

This afternoon John text messaged me on iPhone to let me know that he is doing a drive-along with a driver to the Chicago rail yards and back and to bring him the GPS right after work. He thinks he will make it home by 4 or 5 tomorrow morning… Better him then me…. Dropped the GPS unit off, but he was busy moving stuff around with fork lift – so did not bother him… So now I’m home babysitting Prince, programming and watching American Idol…. This is the week that two contestants will be voted off because Big Mike was saved last week…. So much fun…. Would like to see Tim and Casey go this week – they are not my favorites…. but depends on their performances this week….

Been playing around with a new iPhone app called GoWalla. Their motto is “Go Out. Go Discover. Go Share.” – the idea behind the app is when you go somewhere, you use GoWalla to mark your presence, then you can network with other’s who have also been there… You then get awards for going to X number of places, or groups of places. I’ve then connected it up to my Facebook account – to let other’s know where I’ve been.. Seems like I don’t actually go to Facebook to post things anymore – I use an assortment of iPhone Apps to do so – like the diet program that lets people know when I’ve gain/lost weight….. Now have a group of “Diet Buddies” who comment on my weight fluctuations… It’s pretty cool to weight myself in the morning , post the weight, take a shower, then after drying off see that I’ve received feedback already…. Makes me think twice about eating another wheat thin at night…. 😉

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