Hello all, John here again.

Kinda been a bit lax in posting, sorry.

Saturday Night we met Wayne and Craig, who’s blog we have been following for quite a while. They live in Michigan, and are also RV’ers. We were excited when Wayne emailed that they were going to make an early spring trip down here to visit the city, and meet us. We had a great visit before dinner. We then took them down to Square One Brewery, for what we thought would be a peaceful meal. The host was kinda rude, insisting we needed a reservation, a first for us… Then sat us at a table that was well, too small, just ahead of a family of 10, with a number of rugrats. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed. As much as I like food and beer there, I think it will be a while before I go back. However, all did work out well, and I think our guests did enjoy their meal with us and Perry.

We then returned home and visited some more, and decided to go to breakfast Sunday AM. Wayne and Craig joined Rich A., Perry, and Lloyd. Wayne and Craig wanted to do there own thing, so we parted ways and went off to have a lazy Sunday. Later we did meet Perry and Paul for dinner at Four Seasons. If it weren’t for eating out we wouldn’t be doing much of anything on the weekends!

Overall it was a good weekend, and really nice to meet Wayne and Craig. Nice guys, and would love to camp with them sometime in the future, if our paths ever cross again. Dummy me forgot the camera and didn’t get a picture.

Monday was our first big day of the new schedule at the park. I will be working Monday’s with Randy, and then filling in with odd stuff the rest of the week. Randy should work out fine. He is a bit overwhelmed with moving into his RV full-time, which we can relate to. They just sold their house and have a ton of stuff to organize and get rid of. He seems to have a pretty good work ethic, and wasn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty. Overall though, pretty boring day since we both finished our tasks fairly early, and still not much going on in the park. It amazes me though, that one pair of workers feels that those duties just don’t need to get done… and leaves it for everyone else. Hmm, I wonder who that is…

Monday’s Mail did bring the SignalLink USB box I ordered for the radio. It connects the Yaesu to the Mac, and has it’s own sound card in it. You use such an interface for digital modes such as PSK31, which I have made 4 contacts on the last couple days. It’s a pretty fun mode. It is basically Keyboard to Keyboard communication, kinda like a high speed Morse Code. Now the big project is to find a suitable HF antenna that is easy to put up and effective.

So that’s about all that is going on right now…

Have a good night,


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