Hi from Milwaukee….

I’m tired tonight… didn’t sleep really well last night…. Not sure what time John came home, but it was probably around 1:30am… Being tired could be coming from the gout medications – several of them list it as a side-effect…. The gout in my left toes is going away. It is still slightly red and swollen, but does not hurt – still tingles and itches now and then… The weather has been warmer the last few days – in the upper 70’s but tonight it starting to get overcast and windy – looks like some bad weather might be moving in overnight…. I had the front door open for a bit when I came home so Prince could look out, but closed it when the wind got stronger…..

Work is going well. Still working on changes to the main project I was assigned – I’m on track to having it ready for testing by the end of next week – as planned. There’s also some more projects on the horizons… which is good news…

Seattle Sutton is on hold until Monday – the local supplier called and asked if we would sell our allotment to someone else and I said yes… So last evening I went to Outpost Foods and picked up some prepared food for the next few days. They carry a line of frozen entrees by Kashi that are yummy and nutritious.. had their Chicken Pasta Pomodoro tonight – 280 calories, 6g fat – and it was quite filling with a handful of bagel chips… Found a blog that gives reviews of “diet food” – mainly frozen meals – shows that they really look like in side – it is called I Ate A Pie – have enjoyed reading the reviews… My weight has been staying about the same this week – gain a pound, then loose a pound, then gain it back…. think the Gout medicine has something to do with that… I get off the strong med’s next week – and expect to get back to my regular weight loss then…..

John’s work schedule is still crazy – never sure when he will be home. The other day he went to work at 12 noon and did not get home until 6:00am…. He’s going to end up sick in a few days if he does not slow down…..

Not much else going on. Don’t think he have any plans for the weekend – I think John has to work some on Saturday and Sunday (it’s his turn), but don’t know exactly when and etc. If the weather is decent I would like to give the interior of the Subaru and good cleaning and then take it to a car wash. It’s not overly dirty, but have noticed that there is more dust on the dashboard then normal….

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