I had a long day at work – seems like I’m really busy again with project work. My demo of the one application went well, but I have lots of changes to make…. After work I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and then made it home. John had supper ready when I walked in the door – a Bertolli pasta dish… it was good…

I spent the evening doing laundry, cleaning the car, printing out maps & insurance cards in preparation for our trip to Wisconsin this weekend. The weekend looks like it will be really busy for us. We are planning on going to the Madison Area Hamfest in Stoughton, WI on Saturday morning and meeting up with our friend Markus there. Then we will meet up with Mike J. at his apartment in Madison, WI. Then on Sunday morning we are meeting up with the Hanson’s for breakfast and etc. Then on the way home we are stopping in Poplar Grove, IL to see my bother Deven, Melinda and Jet… That’s our schedule, and we’re sticking with it…

I chose to go to this hamfest so if it is not very good – John and Markus will blame me…. and I don’t have a very good track record of choosing hamfests, or movies… or campgrounds…. 😉 We need a new ham radio antenna to replace the one that the wind knocked down and shattered last week – so I hope John finds one that he likes… I also want to pick up the new ARRL VHF Digital Communications Handbook. I assume one of the vendors will have it. Besides Markus, I wonder if we will run into anyone else at the fest that we know….

It will be nice to spend time with Mike J. and to meet his boyfriend – also named Mike… We’ve not seen Mike since he came to St. Louis last February…. Same for the Hanson’s – the last time we’ve seen them was their pass through St. Louis in January….

I’m charging up the battery for the digital camera – I want to make sure and take lots of pictures…

Now I’m off to bed….. I’m tired…..

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