We made it through the big earthquake this morning. To me it felt like someone was walking up and down the middle of the RV with the jacks up – it rocked side by side a bit. When it woke me up I looked towards the front of the RV to make sure there was not anyone else in the RV… I then thought John was moving his foot back and forth or something to make the bed move. I also think that the sleep number air bed dampened the effect of the quake a bit…. I didn’t know that it was an earthquake until I got up to get ready for work and turned on the New York morning news and they mentioned it…. It was the big topic at work… I heard lots of coworkers ask each other “Did you feel it… did you feel the earthquake…..” – some did, some didn’t.. About the only damage in the St. Louis area was some loose concrete falling off the bottom of a bridge that was closed down for a few hours while they inspected it…..

We made it to Madison, WI by 9:45pm this evening with no problems. My Supervisor allowed me to leave work at 3:00, and we were packed and on the road by 3:30pm. It rained hard most of the way here, so it was not much fun for John who did all of the driving. The front windshields had some type of film on the outside that did not help visibility. My guess is that it’s from using automatic car washes with a hot wax cycle. We would have made better time if I didn’t have to go pee pee and insist that we stop somewhere for supper. John eventually stopped at the Petro truck stop south of Rockford for gas, allowing me to pee pee and then stop at Wendy’s for supper. I think John likes to have bragging rights on how fast he was able to make the trip – and still protect his CDL. Total trip time of 6 hours and 15 minutes is respectable. The only time John drove fast was when we were passed by a hot twink in a grey Subaru going at least 85….. It made me laugh because it was probably a butch lesbian…. 😉

The temps stayed in the mid 50’s most of the way here… and I didn’t see any snow…. I’m sure it is all melted by now…. at least I hope… being back in Wisconsin is giving a craving for cheese curds, George Web’s and Leinenkugel beer…

I’m off to bed… need to get up early enough for breakfast and to make it to the hamfest – which is 30 minutes away in Stoughton….

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