Greetings from a quiet, cool evening at the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park…

It’s been sunny but chilly most of the weekend – only got into the lower 50’s today.

Spent most of the morning doing five loads of laundry.. lots of bulky items like blue jeans and hoodies…  They have a decent laundry facility here – all of the washing machines are the newer front loading type.  They have signs up to not use as much laundry detergent….  This is one of the few RV parks that has a coin machine in the laundry room – makes it much easier to get change.  Costs $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry…

We both stuck to eating better today.  Had granola cereal for breakfast and frozen Kashi meals for lunch and supper.  Then had some whole cracked wheat rolls with supper.  It’s not easy to find bread products in a regular grocery store that are made of non-enriched, non-bleached whole wheat – but the rolls I found in the frozen section fit the bill – just had to bake them in toaster over for 20 minutes.  I should get back to grinding my own wheat and making my own bread again.  Never had much luck with getting 100% whole wheat to raise – so usually ended up like a brick.  <a href=”http://www.sugoodsweets.com/blog/2007/03/no-knead-wwbread/” >Have found some no-knead recipes that I would like to try</a>..  Maybe next week….

This coming week we are back on the Seattle Sutton meal plans – with pickup on both Monday and Thursday – so will no need to cook any…  The menu looks good this week – some breakfast casserole, Pepper Jack veggie burger, lasagna to name a few…  John complains that the Seattle Sutton food is a bland, but I think he appreciates having something easy and wholesome to eat at work.  Today he said that he prefers the taste of the Kashi frozen dinners over the typical Seattle Sutton meals…. and I found them for around $3.75 each at the local <a href=”http://www.picknsave.com/” >Pick’N Save</a> store.

This afternoon I drove over to the UPS store to get our mail – but found it was closed on Sunday.  Bummer after driving 15 minutes to get there…  We used to have a key to get us in the front door and to our mailbox during off hours, but lost it a few years back.. we should ask for another one….  Then after supper I went for a walk up to Greenfield avenue, then over to 84th street and then turned around and traced my steps back… Nike+iPod told me that I walked 2.3 miles in 42 minutes for a calorie burn of 481…  Not bad for a nice walk on a Sunday evening.  There was a big show at one of the State Fair buildings – a big baby crap consignment show.  They truck in semi loads full of clothes and toys that they then sell to show goers.  Not sure where they get all the used baby stuff from – my guess is that they purchase it from places like Goodwill Industries and other charities by the pound…

Not much else going on… John is finishing entering stuff into computer for work – then he is heading into work later tonight for a few hours.  He does not think he will be there very late… famous last words….

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