Greetings from St. Louis!

Just got back from a walk through the downtown.  The Cardinals have a game tonight so it was busier then usual.  Lots of people dining outside on sidewalk tables.  There was numerous  musicians out playing guitars – a different one on each block.  It must have been some organized event.  Was cool to listen to as I walked down Washington street.

Our week here has been going quickly.  John drops me off at work at 7:30am and then picks me up at 4:15pm.  I’m working at the US Bank Plaza.  I’m only on the 8th floor but it has a nice view of downtown.


US Bank Plaza building

Work has been very busy for me.  My three projects are going along full blast.  Found out the largest project I’m working on needs to have major revisions to it because it’s not how the business owner envisioned it would work.  So much fun….

On Tuesday we meet up with around 20 of the happy campers guys/gals at Happy China.  It was nice to see our St. Louis friends and get caught up with how things have been going.  The food on the buffet line was extra tasty.  Their egg roles and crab rangoon were especially good.  After dining we spent an hour hanging out and chatting.

John has been keeping busy doing things around our RV and the RV park.  On Monday John was up on the roof of the MoHo investigating the source of a leak. The lining on the underside of the front cabinet on the passenger side had lots of water in it.  The cabinet is not connected to the front window at all – so could not be coming in from the new windshields.  Only explanation is the roof where they are connected.  He poked around and the only possible place water could have come in is the clearance lights.  He ended up purchasing $60 worth of  Dicor caulk/sealant and used it around the lights then reapplied it to the main seam that runs down the entire coach.  When he removed the old caulk everything looked fine – did not see where water was coming in at all.  My guess is the storm last weekend forced it in somewhere…..

On Tuesday he worked on the shower.  The amount of water coming out of it seems low – so he suspected that some calcium built up in the valve due to not being used for 6 months.  He took things apart, cleaned it out and now it works better – but still not 100%.  Perhaps it just needs to be used more.


All setup in our spot


Another view of the MoHo...


On Monday evening we received a call from one of the tenants at the apartment building in West Des Moines.  They didn’t have any hot water and could not get the gas water heater to light.  John called the plumbers and they were able to stop by to check out the problem in 20 minutes.  Long story short, the 4 year old water heater was defective, not covered by any warranty and needed to be replaced.  They replaced it the following day and it cost us around $800 for parts and labor to get it done.  It was nice that the plumbers were so responsive, but sucked it occurred when we were out of town.  John would have replaced it himself if he was around……

Anyway… living back in the RV again is great.  It feels quite decadent because there’s so much storage space in it now.  Lots of empty drawers and cabinets make it super easy to stow stuff away for the short trip.

Getting used to cooking in here again.  Biggest challenge is the small amount of counter space, followed by the amount of time it takes for water to boil on the propane stove.

Prince is doing great.  I’ve not seen him so happy in a long time – its like he missed being an RV kitty.  He is bouncing around the dashboard to the sofa just like old times.  We have been brushing him like crazy to keep the amount of cat hair down.  Think we may be brushing him so much his skin is sore.  Tonight he only wanted to be brushed for a few minutes.

This weekend I want to check out the Soulard Farmers Market, then head over to St. Louis Mills for some clothes shopping.  Want to purchase things to keep in the RV all summer long.  Saturday evening we are meeting friends for supper back in the Soulard area.  Starting out at the International Tap House, then checking out one of the restaurants close to it.  Looking forwards to it.

Not much else going on.  I’m off to take a relaxing shower, then relax by reading for a bit…

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