My work day went by quickly. I spent most of it filling out move request and testing forms and sending them to the proper people. My work day is not really starting to feel routine yet – I’m still learning about their processes.

As I write this we are in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm – it is raining enough to knock out the satellite dish and spook Prince. I disconnected the laptop from the power adapter, unplugged the antenna wire from the cell phone card and rolled down the tv antenna that has the cell phone antenna mounted on it. The weather radio says that we might get nickel sized hail – big Yuck!!

John did not get home until 8:00pm because he had to attend a regional meeting and learn how to sell more auto parts.

The satellite dish just kicked back in and it is still raining hard. We have the manual crank-up type of dish mounted on the roof – I’ve been impressed at how stable it has been – I can’t remember the last time it stopped receiving a signal.

I would like to see if we can find some nice guys to camp with the High Priestess of the Immaculate Winnebago this summer in the greater Chicago area. I feel a bit guilty about not being able to camp with them this summer. Before we went full time, we attempted to find GLBT campers to camp with on a regular basis, but the problem we ran into is that many of the GLBT campers we meet were freaks, unstable or a complete mess. I’m sure we were not alone in having a tough time finding people we enjoy camping with on a regular basis….

I’ve been working on a “Top 10” list of general camping etiquette that I will post this weekend. I’m putting the list together as a way to find like-minded campers who might enjoy camping with the High Priestess of the Immaculate Winnebago.

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