Greetings from an overcast but warmer day in Oregon…

Temps got into the upper 50’s today, but not much sun…. very grey and looking like it could start to rain again any minute….

On Monday evening was able to get to ice skating lessons at the Lloyd center despite the nearby shooting.  Made it to the regular place I park and found a large area was tapped off with yellow police tape.  The shooting occurred in a small park that takes up a city block across the street.


All laced up and ready to skate

Lesson went much better then the previous week.  Have two new people in my class who are chatty and lots of fun.  We practiced forward cross overs and then doing various techniques while skating backwards.  My backwards techniques are slowly improving.  Can skate backwards the entire length of the rink and will try skating all the way around this coming week….

Made it back from skating by 9:00pm and listened to the local news – the person shot was a 14 year old kid who lived with foster parents.  He died this morning….  Three kids involved in the shooting have not been located….  Depressing.

Work has just been flying by this week.  Have so much that needs to be done that I’ve been having to prioritize my workload – big time.  Some people are happy that I’m working on their projects, and some are unhappy that their project has been put aside for a few days… Been working on rewriting a large chunk of code that had grown ugly over the years… too many changes by numerous programmers over the year had made it into a big mass of “spaghetti code”….  So rewrote it all using some object-oriented programming that made it much easier to follow what it is doing…..  Got it done minutes before John arrived at work to take me home….

Last evening made pork chops on the grill.  They tasted good but were a bit tough.  Probably should have marinated them….  Just threw them on the grill and sprinkled some seasoning salt on them…


Faux tikki torches at dusk... they flicker...

Evenings when I’m not skating, I’ve been riding bike around the park.  My legs get too sore if I ride bike and then go ice skating.  Have around 150 miles on the bike so far. Asked John to take bike back to the Outer Rim bike shop tomorrow for Brandon to give it a free tune-up.  Can tell the brakes and shifting is not quite adjusted properly anymore.  This is normal because the cables stretch with use….

John finished the last of this three final exams..  He’s a bit anxious to get his grades back…  He’s hoping for all A’s, but is not sure….

Now that he has a week off from school he needs to get some dental issues taken care of.  Has a dental appointment tomorrow to see what the dentist says.  Believe he has some wisdom teeth that are causing problems…..

Not much else going on… going to watch American Idol, study for ham radio exam and play some WarCraft… typical evening in the big city 🙂

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