Greetings from a stormy day in Iowa.

Was in the middle 70’s yesterday with sunny skies, and today it is rainy with temps falling back down to the 30’s.  The wind is really blowing outside as I type..

Made it through the ice skating competition today.  The spinning team took 4th place and my solo took first place because I was the only adult who did a beginning level 3 routine to music.  Here is link to video of performance John took with his iPhone:

From John and Derek’s Blog Photos 2014


Routine went OK.  I had a misstep going backwards to forwards at the beginning.  The remainder of the routine went as planned.  Seeing the video shows how slow I skate – it feels like I’m moving faster when I’m going through the motions – guess that is what beginners do 🙂




I posted on Facebook about how I was the only person using the men’s locker room.  Was kinda lonely, but was kinda neat to relax and watch TV a bit.  Was amazed at how nice and clean the locker room was.  Now I’m spoiled for any possible future competitions 🙂 John was a little miffed with me when I told him about the locker room because he was stuck watching little girls ice skate in the cold seats around the ice arena.  Just not his thing at all.


Big thanks to my skating coach, Kimberly and the Central Iowa Figure Skating Club.  Without her experience, patience and help I would have been a completely lost cause today.  She makes skating and practicing the same thing over and over fun. Now on to more ice skating fun and working to advance to higher levels.

So backtracking a few days now… Friday after getting done with programming for the bank, I went outside and started to install the new park style charcoal grill.  Started by digging a hole for the support pole and then mixed up a bag of Quikrete cement to go around it.  Managed to get it completed in about 90 minutes – including trip to Ace for the cement and the help of John and Saul.  Saul rents from us and wanted to help out 🙂



On Saturday morning I finished up the grill by bolting the top part on, then adding the grilling surface.  Was easy enough…  Saul then said they would cook some burgers for us that evening.  So we had a mini-cookout in the back yard.  John drug some lawn chairs out and I setup a card table for food.  Saul did the grilling while I whipped up some baked beans with bacon in it.  Everything turned out “Just Fine”.  Was nice to just hang out a relax for a bit. Even enjoyed a margarita on the rocks, or two.  I did have to cut the evening a little short because I had a final practice skating session at 6:30pm.

After I was all done skating at the competition, we headed home.  Had enough time on the way back to stop at Burger King for a quick lunch.  I then headed to Metro Ice for my Sunday afternoon lessons.  John’s getting was miffed with me over the amount of ice skating that I’m doing, but oh well…  Now need to get ready for the Spring Show the ice skating club is putting on next month. 🙂

Now at 9:00pm, my legs are sore and my eyes are tired.  Time to get away from the computer and get set for the upcoming work week.


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