It was a really nice day outside – too bad I spent most of it inside. After work I went to the Chase bank and took care of some banking. When I arrived home at the camper there were two packages addressed to John at the front door. I assumed they are parts he needs to tow his truck behind a RV (Not that we actually own a RV – but you can never be too prepared). I received a knock on the door and our neighbor in the “Torry Pine by Newmar” fifth-wheel introduced himself and explained that he signed for the packages. I spoke to him for 20 minutes or so….. John made it home by 6:15 and also spoke to our neighbor for 10 minutes or so. We then went to Noodles for supper…. we each had our favorites – (John likes the beef stroke-ing-off and I like the pesto cavatappi).

Tonight I’m typing in more recipes while watching CSI. Looks like mostly apple deserts and various cakes….

Tomorrow evening John works until around 10:00pm and TransAmerica is playing at The Normal Theater – so I think I will go and watch the movie. I told John he can meet me at The Bistro after he gets done at work – he was not too amused….

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