My second week of working for the major health insurance company is done and over with. So far I enjoy my new job and the people I work with. It is nice to be working with a group of developers with similar backgrounds and skill sets. I meet John for lunch – he went to Arby’s and had Reuben sandwiches – they were tasty.

Tonight I made a quick supper and now we are watching “The Riches” that was recorded earlier in the week on the DVR. In a little bit I’m going to connect my GPS unit up to the computer and load all of the Geocaches that are within 100 miles of us. I would like to go out and find some caches over the weekend.

Tomorrow we will check out another flea market and then head downtown to check out the state capital building and other civil war related sites. Then we will head over to the South Carolina State Museum. They currently have a “Aliens: A World of Possibilities” exhibit that should be interesting. Admission is $5.00 with an additional $3.00 to see the Aliens Exhibit. It should be a fun day – I hope the weather is nice.

I have been thinking about if I really want to publish my list of “Camping Etiquette”. If you want some fun reading, do a Google search on “Campground Etiquette”. You find many stories of nasty camping experiences and bitter people. I don’t want to come across as being bitter and set in my ways, but I think that the list might lead to some interesting dialog and etc.

Instead of just listing all 10 of the items in my list, I will list one each day.

This list is hardly rocket science and is mostly common sense. Here is the first one:

1. Have a clean RV – make an attempt to keep your RV presentable, inside and out. Have it clean and organized enough inside so you can have guests in to chat, watch TV and nibble on snacks.

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