Greetings from a nice day in Milwaukee….

Work has been going well. I’m on track to having me first project ready for end users to review/test by the end of the week – right on schedule… Have been hearing about some additional projects that will be coming my way – looks like they might have me do some R8.5 XPages development… it’s like doing .ASP web development, but on the Domino platform… it’s pretty neat and it make Domino a really good web platform again for collaborative applications…

Yesterday I signed up for a month-by-month membership with Anytime Fitness. They have a location that is close to the RV park and another location that is a few miles away from where I work at – so definitely convenient. The location I have been to by the RV park is basically a large room with lots of fitness equipment. Their cardio machines all have monitors with cable TV and they also can connect via BlueTooth to my iPhone – so can watch my own movies/videos on the screens… The last two days I’ve been doing the elliptical machine – started at level 1 to see how well I do for 30 minutes on it. Was pretty easy, so did level 2 tonight… still pretty easy… will continue progressing up the levels until it is at the verge of being too difficult…. They also have tanning booths that I can use for no additional charge – plan to start tanning this weekend… I used tanning beds when I lived above a beauty salon while going to college in Carthage, IL – I liked laying down in the warm light just as much as getting some color to my skin…. I need to stop somewhere and get some tanning goggles and lotion.. they don’t sell any at the fitness center – but told me where I can go and obtain some at a discount. Now trying to decide if I want to tan nude, or go for a tan line 😉 The fitness center is setup for use 24 hours a day – I have a special key fob that I use to gain entrance, turn on the equipment and tanning beds. It’s a neat system… So far the place friendly, not over crowded and clean… It is nice to have something to go and do that is away from the MoHo for an hour or so each evening.

My weight loss has slowed down – so hope working out more revs it back up. Have lost 29 lbs so far – so hope to get down past 30 lbs in the next week… Have decided to treat myself to something special once I loose 11 more pounds – have decided on a pair of Diesel jeans… They have a store on Rush street in Chicago – so could drive down and spend time trying on lots of jeans to find the perfect pair…. but first have to drop 11 more lbs… but between Seattle Sutton and the fitness center it will happen in the next month or so…. Currently my waist size has gone down almost two inches…. Can’t wear the pants I was wearing at the start of the diet in January… – way too loose… so need to drop them off at Goodwill this weekend….

Last evening I also stopped in to the Seattle Sutton distributor to pick up our next allotment of food. It is surprising how much each of the bags of prepared meals weighs… probably 15 lbs each… For lunch today I had a dark green leafy salad with tuna fish, two small whole wheat bread sticks and some cubes of cheddar cheese.. was yummy… Will probably have same thing for lunch tomorrow since John will not eat the dark green salad greens…. goes against his “ginger sensibilities” – along with kiwi….

John stopped into the UPS store to pick up our mail, and was able to get new keys so we can get access to our mailbox when they are closed – like when I attempted last Sunday… Did not get much in the mail – few magazines, pay stubs and some bills. John’s work schedule is still quite demanding… believe he came home around 3:00am this morning…. He has been slacking off on his duties around the MoHo…. he usually vacuums while I do the laundry and makes the bed if he is the last one to get up… I took care of both items this evening….

Not much else going on… need to work on some programming yet this evening… and probably watch some TV….

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