When I came home from work I found John’s truck was still in front of the camper – he was scheduled to work from 1:00pm to close. I figured that either he or his truck was sick… It is his truck – the starter is not working again. This happens every few years or so – kind of a flaw with his year of Ford Trucks. I’m not sure how he made it to work, but I need to pick him up tonight.

John needs to get the new pickup truck that International is making – it’s Johnny sized:

At 7:00pm I’m going to watch TransAmerica at the Normal Theater. The trailer for it looks good…

Wanda Wisdom of Lucky Bitch Radio is celebrating his 31st birthday this weekend. You can call his listener line at 1-206-666-6478 and leave him a birthday greeting – I did. Next week he has a big announcement about the future of his PodCast – I hope he has found a sponsor or some means to be able to be a full time podcaster (without selling out too much).

On April 28th the movie RV will be opening at theaters nationwide. The trailer for it looks very funny – When they show the RV driving into a lake it reminds me of the “incident” with Bernie and Mike last fall at Colchester State Park…. 😉

Tomorrow I’m washing the outside of the camper to remove the black streaks and to give it a sparkling clean appearance (just like my personality). I called the managers of the trailer park to get permission to wash it – they were nice and said it was fine and to deposit $5.00 for the extra water in mail room slot….

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