Had a nice day. John got up early and installed the new starter in his truck along with fixing the brake line that started to leak. I got laundry done and put away and grilled some hamburgers for lunch. I then spent the afternoon outside reading a book, listening to 8-tracks and drinking beer. Tomorrow I’m going to wash the camper while John is at work.
I had a nice talk with the other full-timer RV’er Dawn – she has been programming for 15 years and has some interesting stories to tell that only another programmer can really appreciate.

This evening we drove out to Comlara County park to see how busy it was – was only 1/2 full with lots of tents and some trailers and fifth-wheels. Now we are watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Pay Per View.

I enjoyed seeing TransAmerica last evening – it was one of the better movies I have seen this year. Felicity Huffman did a convincing job of playing the part of a transsexual. The scene where they showed her endowment was funny. Kevin Zegers was a nice hottie to see in various stages of disrobe….. I can’t believe that Kevin is the same person that was also in the movie Air Bud.

My dad sent me an email with some pictures of the turkey he got while hunting today. Looks like a big one:
Prince says “meow meow meow Meow MEOW MEOW” – loosely translated this means “Peace, Love and Clean Kitty Litter”.


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