We both had a busy day today. John worked on adding an amplifier to our crank up TV antenna. This is the antenna that is used for broadcast TV. The original amplifier was removed by the previous owners of the coach when they installed their satellite dish. The amplifier makes a difference in the picture quality of local stations. I like to watch the local news now and then to see what is going on in the area.

John also added a second cable from the satellite dish to the dish receiver. This way we can record two shows on the DVR at the same time – or watch one show while recording another. This was a big pain to do… John spent several hours working on it… and waiting until 1:30pm for Lowes to open up so he could get the crimping tool he needed….

I spent the morning doing laundry – we had more then usual (5 loads) because John is back to work and does not have work uniforms with a laundry service. Then this afternoon I went Geocaching for the first time in 7 months. I found two of the four caches I searched for. One of the caches was located in a ballpark and there was a game going on – will try another time. One of the caches was located along a trail in the Congaree Creek Heritage Parkway. It concerned me a little when they had pictures of Rattle Snakes, Water Moccasins and alligators at the start of the trail. The trail went around ponds that were created when clay was excavated here during the turn of the century. The trail was nice and wide and freshly mowed so I decided that it would be safe enough to walk on. Long story short, after walking .25 miles in the woods I found the cache in a hollowed out tree.

Yesterday at the South Carolina State Museum we toured a retrospective of Edmund Yaghjian’s paintings. He was born in Armenia in 1905 and came with his parents to America in 1907. He spent most of his early life in Rhode Island and New York. He spent most of his later life in Columbia, SC. I liked his work – especially pictures of everyday buildings that were full of history, but near the end of their useful life.


Orange Skies

Here is some examples of his paintings:


Hurry Hurry


Corner House for Sale

Here is my next camping tip:

3. Avoid outside clutter – don’t let bags of garbage pile up, clean up beverage cans/cups. Less is usually more when it comes to outside decorations.

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